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What video game are you currently obsessed with?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) September 10th, 2010

Is there are video game right now that you are constantly playing and trying to beat or get higher scores on?

If so, what is it? Why are you obsessed with it? How long have you been playing it? Are you just trying to beat it or are you going for the highest scores/achievements? Do you think you will get there? Do you think you will ever give up or get sick of it? Do you have a great high score on an all-time, world list?

It can be any type of video game: console, on-line, iPod app, cell phone, arcade…

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I have recently discovered the game Cat Physics for the iPhone. It is insanely addictive and I am constantly trying to get higher scores in each level. There’s a world-wide leader board online that I try to get higher and higher on as well.

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Right now, it has to be the specialists mod for the first HL.
It’s pretty neat, it’s kinda like playing in the matrix or a John Woo movie.
I just play out of boredom or to procrastinate.

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Not really a video game but hey I wanted to contribute!
It’s Robot Unicorn…

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Battlefield Bad Company 2

I am ChazzMazziest on Xbox.

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Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2. I have beaten the high score, but I love to play it over and over again to try and spell new words.

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Bejewelled Blitz on facebook. I can’t stand most Facebook games but this one’s got me. Mainly because I can play a game in a minute. I’m far to ADHD for most computer games.

The only other thing I play on a regular basis is Second Life, but it’s not really a game. It’s a virtual world, like a giant chat-room, and there’s a lot of events and things going on there.

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I would say Resident Evil becuase they have so many characters that have a uniqueness that no one else has in the game.
For example,
Billy Coen from resident evil zero is a escaped prisoner after the a mansion outbreak
Claire Redfield is a biker chick who goes into raccoon city during the outbreak there and escapes with leon s kennedy(police officer) and Sherry Birkin(little schoolgirl) in Resident evil 2

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I’ve logged about 40 something hours of Team Fortress 2 on PC in about one month. That’s the most I’ve ever done on any game ever.

Steam link is in my profile…

Otherwise, Fallout 3 has my attention pretty consistently.

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For some reason I am really digging lego star wars. I hardly like star wars, am terrible at lego, and the game belongs to my six year old brother.

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I continue to “own” the countless noobs I regularly encounter on COD/MW2. Looking forward to Black Ops when it hits the shelves in November.

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@ucme I can NOT WAIT for Black Ops. It looks incredible!

For once in my life… none. Probably until Black Ops comes out. haha.

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@TheOnlyNeffie You got it! Happy hunting :¬D

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@Whitsoxdude My friend’s 10-year-old daughter has the lego star wars game on PS2 and I love playing that when I visit. But even with a game I love, I’d be hard-pressed to sit and play for an hour or more.

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Red Dead Redemption. I hadnt played the game until recently, always heard it was amazing but never picked it up. Wow have i been missin out lol. Riding into mexico for the first time hearin this song was by far one of my favorite video game moments in a while.

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Still a fan of Bioshock; I play it when I get that irresistible urge to inflict someone with a swarm of killer bees (you know what I mean) Cannot wait till 3 comes out!!!!!

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 online multiplayer is fucking boss.

Why are you obsessed with it? Because it has cool vehicles, lots of guns, great graphics, and sound. What’s not to like?

How long have you been playing it? Since about yesterday.

Are you just trying to beat it or are you going for the highest scores/achievements?

It’s just fun as hell. I don’t care about scores, although you do unlock cooler guns and gear the higher your scores are.

Do you think you will get there? N/A

Do you think you will ever give up or get sick of it? Not any time soon.

Do you have a great high score on an all-time, world list? Nope.

@BluRhino Bioshock 3 is going to kick huge exponential loads of ass!

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Dragon Age
I love deep story line games
Been playing for about 5 days (couple hours a day, if time is my friend)

Also playing this game, Doodle God pretty addictive little flash game, have only been able to create abut 56 items so far.

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I’m currently waiting for Halo:Reach. My last two best games were BioShock2 and then Red Dead Redemption.

The only game I’ve ever been obsessed with is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I’ve played through the game at least once a year since it came out in ‘98 (or was it ‘96?)

The second time I went through it I played for everything, all treasures, all skulltulas, everything . . . but nowadays I just play through to remember the best game ever, and just appreciate it.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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I guess I’m the only being in here obsessed with MONSTER HUNTER! I’m currently playing the most current one for the PSP, Monster Hunter Unite. I also have Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, but my Wii is at a friend’s house =[ I’m pretty much done with that game though. Almost got all the armor and weapons. Only 2 more awards left till I have them all. Almost played 900hrs. So that’s when I bought the MH game for the PSP.

I use to own the second installment for the PSP, but my big bro took it _ So here I am. I guess I’m almost done with that game. Lucky Japanese folk are getting the NEWEST MH game for the PSP THIS DECEMBER! Knowing us western folk, we may have to wait till August JUST to play it =’[ Well, at least Marvel vs Capcom 3 is coming out next February! I’m SO gonna put She Hulk on one of my teams! XDDD

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garry’s mod. if you’ll excuse me,I have to get back to making a gigantic dog-shaped rocket that I will fly into space.

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Now that this has been somewhat brought back to life, Minecraft.

So much minecraft. You’ll look at it and think that it looks stupid, the graphics suck, etc. but then you’ll start playing it and you won’t stop until you’ve colonized your entire map and build monstrous structures underwater. Seriously.

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Since my last answer . . . played Reach, wasn’t thoroughly impressed, bought the Undead Nightmare pack for Red Dead Redemption. It’s awesome.

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