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Is there a way to find out how many investors there are for any given stock?

Asked by big3625 (41points) October 13th, 2008

I want to be able to look up a stock and know how many investors have invested in the stock and even how much stock each investor has or some graph or something. Can this be done?

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This might help for the NASDAQ.

Haven’t found anything for the NYSE that is similar.

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Any competent stock broker should be able to answer that question for you.

I suggest you might wish to check with the Merrill LYNCH MOB.

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You won’t ever know that number.
SEC only requires that companies with a 5% or greater ownership be identified along with the buying and selling of executives.
Way too many people own stocks “in trust”. All the stocks I own are that way, therefore, I’d never show up as an owner. I don’t know if the custodial companies even know who actually owns the stocks they have custody of? Could easily be that custodial records are: 100 shares MSFT/Charles Schwabb; and the next source would be Chas Schawb who knows which of their clients own how many of the 100 shares.
SEC site: EDGAR allows you to search ownership (ie 5% + execs)

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But a competent stock broker will go out of his/her way to try and get you the information anyway, just because s/he hopes that doing so, will result in a stock transfer to you, that will garner a load for him/her.

As information, they are called “brokers” because, after every transaction through them, you are usually “broker.”

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Also, you would never know for any companies that are private rather than public. jvgr gave a great answer.

It seems to me that knowing (unless it is an executive with need to disclose) is a bit of a violation of privacy. You can’t really know what someone has in their bank account. Why should their stock ownership be a matter of public record?

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JackAdam: I’m sure that your stockbroker will do their utmost to tell you whatever you want to know if you’re proposing to buy 5% or more of Microsoft or other large company, but I don’t think they would be able to answer that question. What’s the intent of the question? Most only want to know who has the potential to control a company, not to avoid investing in any company that JackAdams has a 100 so shares in.

Marina also brings up a good point.

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