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What should I do with $223?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (558points) January 25th, 2020

In a total surprise, I was given $223.

I’m wondering if there’s some kind of investment I could make on this or something. I always heard stories about how entrepreneurs say you could make thousands out of $100. Stuff like that. Idk. I could just throw it in my savings, or I could just use it to pay a bill, but at the same time I’m kind of itching to grow some money because of recent changes in my life that have given me more expenses. I don’t mean get-rich-quick schemes, and I don’t intend to gamble it all away willy-nilly. I’m just curious if there’s an idea that could grow a lot in a year or two. Is Bitcoin still worth anything? It doesn’t have to strictly be an investment either. Maybe there’s some other unique idea I haven’t thought of to make the money grow.

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Not Bitcoin. it’s a waste.

Open a free brokerage account – Etrade, Fidelity, Schwab, etc.
Buy a cheap stock. SiriusXM is about $7.00/share. General Electric is about $11.00 share. Buy $200 of that stock.

Then let it sit for a couple years.

Chances are it will be worth more then.

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You cannot make “thousands” out of hundreds unless you are credibly lucky, and it is not done by answering scams. or any “get rich quick” tricks.
One way I did it was to buy $200 worth of candy and sell it for $400. (Each candy bar cost me $.50 and I sold for $1).

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If it was me I would just put it into my bank account.

Sure, entrepreneurs can make thousands out of $100, but that isn’t the full story. It’s just a very small distorted version of the truth to get people’s attention. The not-so-nice things about bankruptcy, debt, heartbreak… get hidden because that’s not what people want to hear. Besides, entrepreneurs are equipped with knowledge that a normal person isn’t guaranteed to have. All entrepreneurs make sure they know their risks enough to jump into investments. It’s never an easy business.

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Spend some give soe to charity and save some.
Buy a $5 lottery ticket?

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Look at the Fidelity and/or Vanguard websites and find a mutual fund that has a low initial investment requirement and no load (up front fees). Or, just put it in an S&P Index fund. With stock you don’t worry about tax until you sell it. So have the mindset of investing and leaving it alone.

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Go with etrade, it’s your best bet dollar dollar.

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Here is what I would do to turn it into more money:

Take some time and find items at yard sales and thrift stores that are undervalued or the value is often overlooked. This will take some research but we are playing a money game here. Flip these items and repeat until you have a couple thousand dollars. F.B. Marketplace and even still Ebay are decent ways. This is actually reasonably easy to do but it takes time and patience. Now that you have a decent pot of cash you may try to flip larger items like a car that runs and is filthy but could be sold for more with some sweat equity. Repeat if desired. After about $2500 consider a brokerage account. Buy at least one share of an aggressive growth mutual fund and leave yourself $500 or so to learn to buy and sell stocks. Repeat all above and continue. This is how $200 can be made into a fortune over time. Yes you can make thousands out of hundreds. The catch is the reward is at the distant end and you should treat this as a hobby and not a business. It would probably take me a year to turn $100 into a thousand where I live doing this but you can imagine after 10 what that pot would look like.

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Pay down any credit card debt.
Buy this book
Put the rest here or better yet open a Roth-IRA.with the same fund. (Although you’ll have to look at minimum investment)

You can’t do Vanguard as you need a $1000 minimum investment for those funds.

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Put it toward debt. Interest rates will eat you up. Financial advisors usually advise paying down debt before any spending.

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If it were give to me, I would do something for myself,,(if I didnt need it for a must have livable expense)
I would go get some botox, lol, but thats me..

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