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Flickr Screensaver/WallPaper on a Mac?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) May 10th, 2008

What is the best way to automatically display new Flickr photographs (e.g. from either as a wallpaper or a screensaver?

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This might help with the screensaver part of the question.

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What if you have a PC?

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Hmm… for some reason I thought it was possible with an RSS feed from Flickr.

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Go to your sys. prefs. -> desktop and screensaver, set to RSS Visualizer, click ‘Option’ and add an RSS feed, f.ex.:
...There’s a list of available flickr feeds here

[edit 1]: Actually I take all that back – it doesn’t give you the pics, only the titles, just tried it myself.
[edit 2]: There is the screensaver option ’.Mac and RSS’ which is for images, but I also just tried this and it comes up saying there’s no images in that feed.

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You’d never guess I’m having a ‘not-quite-there’ Sunday morning…...
I just switched on screensaver and what do you know: it works! I’m getting a slideshow of recent flickr uploads.
....I guess it just took a while to validate and read.

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I’m using a flickr feed as my screensaver now but I’m wondering if there’s anything similar for rotating wallpaper?

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