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What are the steps to becoming an art teacher?

Asked by goroboto (5points) August 15th, 2007

My wife recently expressed her interest at becoming an Art teacher for elementary school students - but we're a little clueless as to what the requirements are... any ideas?

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my sister is an art teacher in sprinfield. I believe she just took 4 years of college majoring in art education. Then she became a student teacher, after that she was an asistant teacher for a year until she found a job opening as an art teacher. Hope that helps :)

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oh that's not to bad - we were worried that you needed a masters and then some sort of certification.

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Look up your state's department of education and/or teacher credentialing commission (as some states call them) to find the requirements. Most places will probably require an undergraduate degree in art, then you will probably have to take some sort of mastery test and apply for and complete a credentialing program for the education piece. Student teaching will probably follow.

Another idea is to call up the human resources department in some local school districts to see what they are looking for in your specific area of teaching. Many districts will take anybody who can teach math or science due to shortages. They may be looking for more in art; I couldn't really tell you.

Got any connections at private schools? Oftentimes no credential is necessary.

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if you have your masters you just get a higher pay I believe. The requirments aren't very difficult.

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evander is right, some private schools will hire teachers with no official credentials but life experience that makes them qualified for the job. For adult professionals who are looking to make a career change, it is unfortunately easier to get hired by a private school than by a public school system that is badly in need of teachers!

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