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Best Screen Recording App for Mac?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) October 17th, 2008

If so for free? I know about SceenFlow, but am trying to do something for free. If not I’ll just have to PAY! lol

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Ambrosia Software’s SnapzProX is the one I use-pro strength, I think it’s around $30.00 which for all of it’s functionality is a good deal.

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The $30 SnapzPro is just the screenshot part of it. It’s $70 for movie capture.

Another one you may want to look into is Sequence.

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ScreenFlow is the best screenrecorder in my opinion. The editing is quick, and there’s a whole host of useful highlighting and guidance effects. We use it for all of our projects, after having used SnapzPro for a year. ScreenFlow is just so much better.

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I strongly agree with richardhenry. Screenflow FTW!

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I’m testing it now…looks promising.

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I use iShowU. It’s pretty awesome.

Even I can be helpful when the question is worth answering!

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@swimmindude2496: What specifically are you trying to record/capture?

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