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Has anyone seen the movie W, and if so what did you think?

Asked by SoapChef (2978points) October 18th, 2008

I’d like to know if it met your expectations? How accurate of a portrayal do you feel it was? I am particularly interested to know if you thought the way the WMD issue played out was the way it actually happened.

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I didn’t see it because it is too soon!! The guy is still in office for cryin out loud! I didn’t see the Sept. 11 movie either!

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Is it supposed to be a comedy or documentary? Because by the trailers it looks like a documentary, but I was told it was poking fun at Bush and supposed to be a comedy.

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It’s an Oliver Stone quasi-doc.

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@ La chica The fact that he is still in office when the movie came out was intriguing to me.
@ MrM I had heard it was a comedy, not so much. There were comical moments though. As jvgr said, it is a typical Oliver Stone piece.

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Soap, I think that’s totally valid. In what way is it intriguing to you?

I take it you’ve seen the movie. Would you be willing to answer your own question for us? I’m quite curious.

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@ La chica
I thought it took some big cojones to release that movie just before the election. I have to wonder if he thought he may sway some votes because of it, although I guess he has stated otherwise. It was kind of a myopic portrayal. A lot of what has happened during his administration was not touched on at all (9–11, Katrina etc.). If you don’t like George, you will want to believe in the accuracy of it. It is not flattering, but Stone did not pull out all the stops either. Richard Dreyfus did a great job as the sinister Cheney, lurking around the action, ensuring things happened just as expected.
I would be happy to answer questions, tommorrow though. My eyes are scratchy, it is time to turn in.

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It’s not a comedy, more like a tragedy. I left the theater feeling sad.

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I saw it but we can’t know what really happened behind closed doors. I do, however, believe it probably played out similar to the movie.

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