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My roof is getting replaced as I type. Do I tip the workers when they are done?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) October 20th, 2008

If yes, how much do Io I tip each person?

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I do not think you should tip roofers.

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Are there any you want to do you? Then you tip him.

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I wouldn’t tip, but I would be generous and offer food, treats and drinks through out the project. A little kindness goes a long way and may get you some nice freebies or a little higher quality job. I offered the above and also allowed the workers to use my hot tub after the work day. In return I got extra roof vents installed and I got some gutters replaced that were slightly damaged. I even got follow-up visits for the first couple of months to make sure everything was hunky dorey.

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I have lent them 4 pairs of work gloves… It was 30 degrees out when they arrived today and they had forgotten to bring their own. They are as bad as my 15 YO – but appreciative!

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Given what roofers charge, I would say “no.” But as ST says, a little kindness (everywhere) does go a long way. I don’t tip the guys who plow the driveway and mow the fields and lawn, contractors who work on house, the septic repair men. They get a very high hourly rate.

Dandy: let them keep the gloves.

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NEVER tip the boss. Only the workers.

And NEVER serve alcohol. Soda, iced tea, stuff like that only.

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No alcohol while they are up on my roofs? Really?

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No, you don’t need to tip the roofers. For something you get invoiced for, and quite a lot too, there’s no need to tip. Just be nice, pay immediately and say you’ll recommend them.

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Being Italian, my wife can never resist cooking for workers at our house – or at least making sandwiches and coffee.

But tipping – No they’re getting paid enough.

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@Dandy, no alcohol even if they’re pulling your weeds. My brother-in-law is a roofer and you’d be surprised how many times people would offer beers.

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A cup of fresh coffee and five minutes in a warm house can be a nice break.

Also, offer the use of your bathroom. No one ever asks to use it, but it seems

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I have offered the bathroom… They have been using it though I did see one guy head into the woods this morning… I left the kitchen then… Didn’t want to be a voyeur…

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Never tip a contractor or his crew.
Never pay in advance either.
Offering things as mentioned above are good, during their breaks but don’t do it in a manner that suggests they can expect something at every break.
Don’t assume that good guys always do good work.
Make sure the shingles (or whatever) you want are being used (brand, specific weight, etc)

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No tipping “necessary”, but offer them some cool drinks instead.

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Roofing is darned hard work. YOU pick up a pack of shingles!! You kneel on uneven surfaces all day. Try it out for an hour. Those guys earn every penny and generally don’t have good medical benefits. Why wouldn’t you want to offer some kindness?
It’s true there are occasional rip-off artists. But you check them out before you hire. They should have a permanent address. Get referrals!

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No need. Maybe the least you can do is give them snacks or something to drink. Cash or tip in any form is not advisable.

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