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Does the military let you keep your Bible when you join ?

Asked by seVen (3472points) October 20th, 2008 from iPhone

As a physical food for the body so the spiritual food [The Word of God] is needed for the soul, at least for us Christians.

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Why wouldn’t they let you keep it?

Then again, why would they flush copies of the Qu’ran down toilets at Gitmo? But as for official policy, yes, you can keep it.

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I have a couple friends in the military. Apparently, they don’t let you have reading material in boot camp, but they make an exception for religious texts. Once you go on to other training, you can read whatever you want.

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When I was in basic training, I don’t recall whether any of my friends had a bible or not. But, you are given a drawer that you can put miscellaneous items in. I’d imagine it would go there. Also, every Sunday during Basic Training you get to go to which ever church you want on the base (they offer I think just about every religion). And then after church services you would go to a smaller learning atmosphere like a bible reading type thing. It was nice they offered those things, just so one could get away from the dorm rooms, and the military training instructors.

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I think that is awesome that they offer a way to get away from the grueling events of boot camp. My brother-in-law is serving in Iraq and he brought a bible with him.

Additionally, there are some organizations that sponsored sending a compact version of the bible to the troops who are serving.

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Don’t let the commercials fool you: The army is WAY lenient on a lot of stuff. Friend of mine spent a few months in Baghdad awhile back, his room had all kinds of anime toys, video games, posters, wall scrolls, he even had crazy bedsheets and such. While there, he was able to go online and have new videogames shipped to him in the mail.

Patrolling the city, he said “There’s a whole lot of nothing going on… you hear some gunfire at night, but I myself never even had to take the safety off.”

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@lovelocke the military is pretty lenient when stationed over seas in a place like that. Anything really to give you piece of mind. In Basic Training, they aren’t very lenient. Religious material is one of a few exceptions in basic training. You most definitely won’t see any anime, or video games in basic.

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