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The Places game page stops loading midway for me. What can I do?

Asked by jlm11f (12393points) June 10th, 2008

The page just stops loading now. I know it has a lot of posts but others are still being able to answer the question! It won’t load for me in Firefox, but it loads for me in IE. I know I could just use IE, but since I use firefox for everything else, it seems stupid to go to IE every time I need to answer that question. Any ideas?

Edit – In case it helps, I have Firefox Version 2 (never made the update to the new version). But I doubt that’s it….right?

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This is what was happening to me on another page. See this from Ben for an explanation,

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@ jp – i thought of ben’s explanation too but he said that they fixed that problem so i wasn’t sure if this applies.


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The page is just too long for Firefox to handle. I happened to me too when I clicked on your link.

They did fix the “Activity You’re Following” page.

Same problem but under totally different circumstances.

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Might seem like a lot of trouble to go to but you could always download this and that will allow you to view the page as it would appear in IE while using Firefox.

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aha! of course you are right. that makes sense. well i hope they get that fixed when they have the time. until then, i will probably download that add on. thanks to both jp and osullivanbr!

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Firefox 3 fixes this if you want to give RC2 a whirl.

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@ jp – i just upgraded. it doesn’t fix it for me :( .

and now two of my add-ons aren’t compatible! luckily i don’t care about those two.

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Crap.. Sorry about that.

It fixed the problem for me on my Mac. I assumed the same bug would have been fixed in the Windows version. Once again, I’m sorry.

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I have the same problem. So I just use Safari.

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@ jp – No problemo, i was updating to version 3 anyway (i wanted to see the new features!).

@ allie – i haven’t tried Safari yet. My problem is, I refuse to have more than 2 browsers on my computer. And i can’t see myself removing either IE or FF. maybe i will try it on the desktop which can afford to lose the space.

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Maybe the powers that be could paginate questions with hundreds of answers? :)

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I had the same problem on my PC. Thanks for asking about this, PnL. I tried giving you a GQ but it didn’t work. Hmph.

I understand the record question where a story was written collectively had 600+ responses. Did the same trouble come up then?

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@ TL – i thought about checking the fluther story too to see whether that works on my Firefox. It doesn’t. Are you using Firefox too? Both will work in Internet Explorer. I am sure the same problem came up for some of the flutherites participating in the fluther story too, but many people here use other browsers such as Safari (which can also handle it according to Allie)

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I’m using Firefox too. I checked on IE and on my iphone, and the page is working fine in both places. Just not working on Firefox, as far as I can see.

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