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What is wrong with my DVD Drive?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1838points) October 22nd, 2008

My CD Drive in my PC hasn’t been working right. It works for CD-ROMs, CDs, and is supposed to work for DVDs. I know for sure, because it has the DVD logo right on it. But when I put in a DVD it doesn’t even acknowledge it. I was told that I could just need to download an update for it, after getting the model number or the type of drive. So a kind of secondary question is how to I find the model number or type of DVD Drive I have?

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If you go into device manager. Right click on ‘My Computer’ -> ‘Properties’ -> ‘Hardware’ -> then click device manager

once you have this open find your CD drive and it should list the brand and product number. Google this ‘Driver for panasonic LB6798’ for example and you should be able to find a driver.

I Know that on older computers with older DVD drives they cannot read DVD9 or Dual Layer DVD’s.. Try with an older DVD then a newer one or look for the “Dual Layer/DVD9” on the back of the DVD.

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I’d send you mine but I think I threw away all my old/extra Floppy/CD/DVD drives, aren’t they like $20?

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Yeah, they are cheap but I’m just seeing if I can fix it before I buy a new one. I’m probably getting a new one soon anyways though. And thanks joeysefika.

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It could be hardware related. CD/DVD drives use a separate laser emitter for DVDs, and it could be broken, probably in the tracking mechanism. The things are incredibly cheap – just buy a new one and toss the old one out, unless it’s for a notebook. You may need to get a new drive from the PC manufacturer in that case.

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