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Question from a teen?

Asked by lilaznstar235 (53points) October 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

I havent been very hungry lately. IM NOT ANOREXic!
I just get full with only a little food once a day. Recently ive been really tired. In school I’d be making an effort to bring up my pencil to write. I sleep for like 6 hours after school and after that I’m still tired
ways wrong with me?

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I’m not a medical expert here. Nor a nutritionist or otherwise employed in professional healthcare.

Eat. Eat regularly. Eat healthy. Make the time for it. Even if it’s just small portions. Do it.

Then exercise. Exercise regularly. Make the time for it. Even if it’s just for 15–20 minutes on a stationary bike. Or a walk. Try to ramp up gradually.

Not eating and trying to sleep all the time will likely not help.

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Are you depressed? That can affect your appetite. So can metabolism.
Exercising more might help with both possibilities.

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Depending on your age, it could just be a processes of your body. I know when I was about thirteen and going through “The Change” I was the same way, but by the time I was sixteen, it had gone away, for the most part. The stress of school and life was still enough to drag me down.
I remember reading a few studies in high school that showed the same kind of pattern for most teens. Some get hit really hard, others don’t. It also can be a product of your environment. If you have lots of stress and no outlet, then it can lead to many bad things.

I am speaking from experience here, I was almost the same way, but when I was feeling tired, I didn’t give in. I strived to find something that got me up and going.

This was just my experience, don’t take it as fact, please. I too am no medical expert.

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You might want to ask your doctor to check your thyroid. Those are some of the symptoms of an underactive one. But it could be something else, so a good check up would be a great idea.

Oh, and by the way.. Welcome to Fluther!!

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This is NOT normal! You need to see a doctor right away. Have you talked to your parents? Please let us know that you are going to the dctor.

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Scamp and Judi are right. Taking naps here and there is one thing. Sleeping for 6 hours straight after school and then still feeling fatigued is another. One possibility (amongst many) for your age range is mononucleosis. You should see your doctor for a complete evaluation. Hope you feel better.

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Definitely see a Dr.
Both mono and depression are very real possibilities and both are easily treated.
Don’t wait to see if things get better on their own.

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Another vote for hypothyroidism. I had the onset of that as a teenager. I’ve never had mono, but that’s a very good supposition as well.

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Tell your parents and go to the doctor. You could be anemic..could be lots of things. When my daughter had mono, she slept all the time. Don’t wait to see if things change – go to the dr.

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Don’t skip breakfast. If you do, you might not be hungry all day.

Eat a delicious breakfast (oatmeal filled with raisins, nuts and touched with honey) or eggs—it can be an omelet with great cheddar cheese or feta with tomatoes. Yum.

You’ll have lots of energy for school and at lunch, you will be hungry.

If you try this for a few days, and don’t find your energy up, or just can’t bring yourself to eat, you might want to see a doctor.

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Sounds like it could be mono or chronic fatigue syndrome. You definitely want to get to the doctor.

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omg star! That totally happened to me. I didn’t eat for like a week. well I did but that was only because my mom like forced me to

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lolazn, just from the very limited information you gave, I strongly recommend you go to the doctor.

I had those symptoms: extreme fatigue, weakness, absolutely no appetite, for almost a month when I was younger before anyone took me to the doctor, and it turned out I had a very rare autoimmune disease that took me two years to recover from.

Don’t treat this lightly. It could be the usual stress blah blah, or it could be something serious. You need to see a doctor!

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Depression. Talk to a teacher, school counselor, doctor. Avoid the inevitable pill prescription unless you’ve tried everything else first.

Good luck! :)

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@Dave I concur about the avoiding the pill thing

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what, have you two already diagnosed this child as ‘clinically depressed’ just because she says she’s tired? good grief!

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Right, la chica. Not only that, but, she’s encouraged to avoid anti-depressants for a disease that she probably doesn’t have…only on the internet.

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Are you on any medication?

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@Wrestlemaniac2 I see you found your way back to fluther!!

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Obviously, it was hell being without you guys, I feel bad about having to create another account to get back, but it works.

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Yes i agree with what was said. go to the doctor it my be your thyroid. Plus even if your not that hungery I would force something down. hope you feel better.

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