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What is the most effective way of cramming 9 hours before an exam? How much of that time would you recommend spending on sleeping?

Asked by starbursting (9points) January 16th, 2007
My AP Statistics midterm is tomorrow morning at 8. I have neither slept nor studied whatsoever. I could sleep now and feel pleased with myself for being well rested to take the test, or I could study and actually be moderately prepared for the test. And if I'm going to go with the studying.. how am I going to cram four months worth of material into about three hours of studying? Should I maybe get off of fluther?
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Probably. I recommend sleeping at least 3 hours, but more can be much much better
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Do you think you could reasonably take the test now?
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Maybe for 2.5 hours, sleep 6, then another last half hour
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of studying
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Hmm, probably. But it may be more difficult than I'm anticipating, thus a refresher might be necessary. I'm almost certain that I should just go review for a couple hours and I'll be fine. Anyway, that plan sounds reasonable. Thanks!
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Hard to answer this question without more information. If you have blown off the class completely (didn't go to class, didn't listen in class, didn't do any of the work) your best hope is to beg a copy of really good notes from someone, cram those notes, as well as borrowing a text highlighted by someone you know knew what they were doing, and just skimming the highlighted portions. Allot about 4 hours cramming, 4 hours napping, then an hour cramming. If you did everything for the class, except studying for the final, I'd cram the notes, skip the text, allot time as Ben did above. There is no way you can cram ALL of the material, but maybe enough will stick you can answer enough to pass, especially if the teacher is grading on a curve and your classmates have blown off the class as well.
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And you don't need me to nag, but I found one way to nip procrastination for class in the bud was to calculate how much money it would cost me to take the class over again, then converted that money into cheeseburgers, car gas, movies, pizza, etc. That always made it a little more real for me. Of course, this only works if you are paying the bills.
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I didn't learn my lesson about study habits in high school or college. It wasn't until law school I discovered I couldn't just cram at the last minute. Before that, I was the king of blow it off and cram notes the night before finals. Law school I had to study for. I never studied in my life like I studied for the Illinois bar exam, 16 hours of essays and the world's nastiest multiple choice (Pick the MOST correct answer or answers: A: I; B: II; C: III; D: I and II; E: I and III; F: II and III; G: I, II and III; or H: None.) given in four 4 hour sessions over 2 days. Even after 2 months of a review course, 2 weeks of full time studying, and 8 hours of cramming in the hotel the night before, I knew there was no way my brain could hold it all, I literally felt my head was full. I passed.
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On the other hand, I passed the Wisconsin bar exam, knowing nothing about Wisconsin law, with no studying at all.
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Well the test is over now, I wish I could have caught you earlier....Let us know how you did!
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Thanks for the help, guys! I actually felt quite good about the exam, but I guess I'll find out officially in class next week.
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cramp cramp cramp and then sleep for an hour, and leave another hour before the exam for cramping

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Copy all of your notes. as many times as you can in about 3 hours and then take 6 to sleep. you’ve gotta be rested to concentrate. Before you sleep lay out your clothes and your stuff to take to class so your not in a frantic rush…It works I swear…I just graduated…I spent lots of time cramming. this is how I did it.

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FIRST GET OFF FLUTHER. Then get to studying, and then go to sleep.

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