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Songs about summer love?

Asked by acebamboo77 (717points) October 22nd, 2008

What are some good songs about summer love?
I don’t necessarily want romantic songs, more so songs that give the listner a nostalgic feeling.

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The one song that really comes to mind is “In The Summertime” by Mungo Jerry.

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“Summer of ‘69” Byran Adams
“Boys of Summer” Don Henley
“Summertime” Fresh Prince, Jazzy Jeff

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@ MrMelted that is my All Time favorite summertime song. I can be anywhere and that song will come on and I can be transported to another time in my youth….

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props to dirtcat, summer of 69 and boys of summer are both great suggestions, thats exactly the sort o sogns i had in mind… i just couldnt put it into words…
any more suggestions are greatly welcomed!

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Summertime by the Sundays.

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“Summertime” from Porgy and Bess, by George and Ira Gershwin.

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Summer by Dashboard Confessional

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“Summer Breeze” by Seals & Kroft (sp.)...ahhh mellow AM gold.

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I second Gershwins “Summertime”.
“Groovin” by the Young Rascals. That one is pure nostalgia for me. Brings to mind a few others from the same era, “San Francisco” by the Mamas and the Papas and “Grazin in the Grass” by ? and “San Francisco Nights” by Eric Burdon and the Animals. Excuse me, I have to take off my go-go boots, stretch out on my chenille bedspread and listen to my clock radio.

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If anyone mentions Grease I will cut you.

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This ones for you Andrew!
a one and a two…

Summer lovin’ had me a blast
Summer lovin’, happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
I met a boy, cute as can be

Summer days driftin’ away,
To uh-oh those summer nights
Tell me more, tell me more,
Did you get very far?
Tell me more, tell me more,
Like, does he have a car?

She swam by me, she got a cramp
He went by me, got my suit damp
I saved her life, she nearly drowned
He showed off, splashing around
Summer sun, something’s begun,
But uh-oh those summer nights

Tell me more, tell me more,
Was it love at first sight?
Tell me more, tell me more,
Did she put up a fight?
Took her bowlin’ in the Arcade
We went strollin’, drank lemonade
We made out under the dock
we stayed up until ten o’clock

Summer fling don’t mean a thing,
But uh-oh those summer nights
Tell me more, tell me more,
But you don’t gotta brag
Tell me more, tell me more,
Cause he sounds like a drag

He got friendly, holdin’ my hand
Well she got friendly, down in the sand
He was sweet, just turned eighteen
Well she was good, you know what I mean

Summer heat, boy and girl meet,
But uh-oh those summer nights
Tell me more, tell me more,
How much dough did he spend?
Tell me more, tell me more,
Could she get me a friend?

It turned colder, that’s where it ends
So I told her we’d still be friends
Then we made our true love vow
Wonder what she’s doin’ now

Summer dreams ripped at the seams,
But oh, those summer nights

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Little known fact: Summer of ‘69 is not about the year.

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Hah! kevbo, thats awesome.

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I cannot believe that never occurred to me!

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Summer Girls by LFO

Easily contains one of the most cringe inducing choruses of all time.

New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits
Chinese food makes me sick
And I think its fly when girls stop by for the summer….......

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Ocean Ave. – Yellowcard

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flameboi – i was an avid yellowcard fan before they got shitty (personal opinion – sorry to offend) forgot about that song… great choice

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Offense? None taken!
That album is one of my all time favorites, they are a great band, lights and sounds is, mmm, not as good, Ocean. Ave. brings back to me so many good memories, I thought I was the only one that actually liked the band, is good to know that I’m not :)

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“Summer” by Buffalo Tom
“Summer Skin” by Death Cab

My memory has proved to be so shot that I can only think of songs that have “summer” directly in the title!

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