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Macbook hangs on start?

Asked by skabeep (927points) October 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I was using boot camp and windows froze. Now when I restart it hangs loading osx windows starts. What can I do?

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Hold down Option while booting up, which will force the MacBook to look for bootable drives; you should see Mac OS X appear on a gray screen with an arrow underneath it-click the arrow to proceed loading Mac OS X.

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When I choose osx it hangs when I choose windows it starts. The problem isn’t in selection

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right, when you get back into OSX go into system preferences and go to start up disks, and choose your leopard partition/drive.

What it is currently doing is trying to boot into Windows but something seems to be corrupted

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no it’s not. Osx will not start up period it just hangs while loading. If I select win partition things work fine. I can’t get into leapord if it won’t load

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ah, my bad, read your question wrong, i thought it was Windows miss behaving.

Well you could try right clicking on the boot camp task bar icon in windows and selecting “reboot in OS X” or if that doesnt work, you’ll ether have to reinstall OS X or, if you have a time machine backup of OS X, restore it from that.

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you should be able to get a bakup of your hard drive using windows. then do a install from the system dvd. Most probably it will find your users and settings, but just in case everything goes wrong it’s best with a backup.

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Before you go reinstalling all of OSX, try resetting your P-RAM. As soon as you press the power button, hold down Command+Option+P+R, until you hear the startup chime 3 times. Then release the keys and see if it boots up.

If this doesn’t work and you have to resort to reinstalling OSX, you should be able to select the option during install so that it will keep your accounts and user files intact. If it doesn’t offer this, you can do an “Archive & Install”, then drag over the files you wish to keep from the old system folder it creates.

If you want more info on this check out the mac support website on OSX installation options.

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@chromabyte yeah I tried pr but it didn’t work. I ended up calling apple and they could not fix it. I reinstalled osx

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If anyone has this problem in future there’s an app called ‘Macdrive’ that when run in Windows will give you read access to the Mac hard drive in order to back up files and settings before a re-install.

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luckily I didn’t lose any files

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Good to hear you didn’t lose any files. Did you find out why this happened? I know of a similar issue where OSX would freeze if they were using an old version of Application Enhancer. This relate to you at all?

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i dunno. i had not installed anything different. i was at work surfing the web and decided to boot windows to play a game. the computer froze somewhere after the boot selection and after a few minutes i restarted it manually. after that windows would boot but not osx. i assume something got corrupted when it froze

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