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What would you do if you were running for president?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) May 2nd, 2011

We constantly critique the presidential candidates and their strategies. If you were running for president, what party would you run with? What issue would you combat with the most? What kind of things would you like to do while in office? What kind of person would you choose to serve as your vice president?

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I would withdraw from the campaign. I am not presidential material. If someone seriously drafted me for candidate I would not accept, and would probably leave the country.

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I would run fast enough so they couldn’t catch me.

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Have my head examined. You can’t get elected in the U.S. unless you are rich and connected.

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I have enough black marks in my past to not be electable.

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I would legalize marijuana. My sister would be my running mate, the first lesbian VP. She served in the army, she’d kick ass.

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I’d get my head examined. Clearly if I was running I had suffered brain trauma or been kidnapped and brainwashed.

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I would bar chip everyone on welfare so they can’t scam the system. Only one chip per person. In Delaware there where people who lived on welfare and would collect in Jersey, Phili, and maryland with fake Ids and addresses. When they go to any state they will have to have their chip scanned to see if they qualify for welfare in that state. So once they scan it and see that they are collecting somewhere else than they are no longer allowed to have it. If it is a married couple than both must be chipped. The chip must be on the same arm for everyone and be scanned before applying to be sure they are not already on welfare.
Also people living on welfare for a long time must be implanted with birth control after 2 children so they can’t keep reproducing to use that as an excuse to keep collecting.
Again in Delaware, there was a woman who kept having babies every couple of years so she could keep collecting welfare. She kept having kids every time the next one was of pre-school years.

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Shit my pants frequently!

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