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Do you feel that the candidates in last night's debates answered the questions that were asked of them most of the time?

Asked by lapilofu (4325points) October 8th, 2008
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Well, my friend, that one did a better job staying on point, for the 45 minutes I could stand it. I feel that a debate or town hall format with time-limits is a waste of money. We can all read the policy statements and the candidates records any time we want.

Today, for example, the interest rate cut will affect me again since I am on a fixed income. Therefore I will purchase nothing unnecessary; that will affect many of the local shop keepers..the domino effect continues.

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I do think that a debate, even if we just hear the “same ol” is good for those people who have not really been paying attention (or trying not to) until now.

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No. Obama did a bit more than slightly better than McCain. But both pretty much led into their talking points. I think if anything, Obama was better at relating his talking points to the questions than was McCain.

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I agree with dalepetrie.

In addition, without watching again, I confirmed 10 things that McCain said that are on politifact that had already been proven wrong weeks ago. Things Palin tried to claim. Things He tried to claim the first debate.

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Most of the time? Either of them? Eh, no. But that is the fun of politics.

@dale That has to be the shortest answer of yours that I have ever seen. hehe

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Snoopy – yep.

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hehe. New record

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I want to thank you for that question.

An I want to remind the American people that we have some serious issues ahead of us.
We need a steady hand at the wheel and that really goes to the heart of your question.

So thank you.

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