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Install new Nokia E66 Symbian on Nokia E65?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) October 23rd, 2008

Would it be possible to upgrade the software in my Nokia E65 to match the new symbian version inside the Nokia E66 phone? There is maybe a trick or hack to do so? The new features seem amazing and since the phones are so similar it feels possible to crossgrade…

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Fluther does not seem to be the place to ask mobile phone questions unless it is iPhone… I guess this is an iPhone place… strictly iphone…! ;-)

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I had installed Opera Mini 4.2 in my Nokia E66 Mobile and some other applications downloaded from was working well. But once I downloaded some more softwares fro Getjar everything got installed but while trying to open the application it was not responding.Hence I removed all installations done by me and updated the E66 mobile software from the Nokia site.After this when I tried to download Getjar softwares I am getting a message “Unable to Install!”

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