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Is there a hard limit for Blackberry email messages?

Asked by Evan (810points) July 28th, 2009

So clearly, when BB email msgs come in, they’re shortened.. but as you scroll down (or click the app button, and select “more” or “more all”) the rest of the email is loaded. But i’ve found lately that if the message is just to long.. i end up with a message that the email has been truncated, and the rest of the email just doesn’t load, regardless of the ‘more’ function.

So is there a hard limit to what the device will load? (keep in mind this is all just text, no attachments). ALSO, is there a way to program or lifehack the BB into always just loading the full, and complete, email?

(BB 8130, Sprint; just FYI)

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yes, there is, I don’t remember the exact number of characters though. And yes, there is, you can download plenty of memory and accessibility apps from BBs app store.

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