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What is your favorite app in the app store?

Asked by dayeshere (215points) October 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I’m trying to decide what apps to buy from the app store. Which ones are your faves?

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Guitar Toolkit
What’s On
Now Playing

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what’s on; shazam is awesome! greetings, now playing, space monkey, face melter

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very well thought out and nifty

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pocket globe

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basp from Floort:)

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What type of app?

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Whichever ones you like the best. I will mainly be purchasing games.

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Well Enigmo is on sale for 2 or 3 bucks and Monkey Ball just works great with the iPhone. Also, just today I bought line rider for $3 and I love it. Neat apps that aren’t games include koi pond, iLightr, siesmometer, X-Plane and weightbot. Hope that helps.

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simplify media

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twitterrific and free sol

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Shazam is the best App out yet. And it’s free, too!

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Enigmo is a pretty fascinating game. Sol Free is the best solitaire. Also check out Qwordy (like Boggle).

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In no particular order: Qwordy, Rotary Dialer, Pandora, Shazam & Midomi, HoldEm, Solebon, Five Dice.

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I’ll 3rd the Enigmo recommendation – best game in the app store IMO. Lux is also very good (and free!). Dashball & FS5 Hockey are also good. Non-games: RJDJ (unbelievably cool), runkeeper, BrightKite, twinkle.

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I liked the look of enigmo, bought it and enjoyed it, but found it very difficult to play. I like simpler games: wurdle, line rider, bejeweled and space monkey.

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Say Who, Britannica,Translator,Dictionaire,Wapedia,Wikipanion,Easy Relax,Mantis Bible Study,The Roman Road to Salvation

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I’m in love with “Stanza.” It’s an ebook reader and downloader. It is super slick, and free as a bee.

My top 5 would be…
Aurora Feint

…and they’re all free!

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What is the shazam everyone is talking about?

And does anyone know how to access on line books from an iPhone? Can they be found at the app store?

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shazam is a program that listens to the music you expose it to( radio, parties) and identifies it, tells you what album you can find it on. Even
links to iTunes. Totally awesome!

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Tap Tap Revenge
Cro Mag Rally
Pocket Guitar
Bubble Wrap
Koi Pond

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Palringo is a great IM app and works with lots of different kinds of accounts.

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Thanks, CDW!

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I dont know…..this morning my iphone decided it didnt want to work anymore….... 8☾

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SUPERBALL 2 is amazing. Really excellent piece of work.

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AppSniper—best 99¢ I’ve spent.

It lists all NEW apps as they are added to the store, allows you to bookmark them or flag them when they go on SALE!!!

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Moxie is good fun
Bounce on
Twitterena looks good and works well

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Why? What is it?

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STEP ONE: download the free Pandora Box app.
STEP TWO: look for either new or on-sale apps that are free.
STEP THREE: add each one that you like to your favorites.
STEP FOUR: consider 5 or so to get at a time and download them from the app store.
STEP FIVE (OPT): if you actually have money, look for on-sale apps for 99c or so.
STEP SIX: if you follow step five, repeat steps 3–4.
STEP SEVEN: enjoy!

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Just downloaded Pandora Box – what a brilliant concept. Thanks for the tip, Fred931!

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Then give me 5 lurve pts plz!

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