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What is your favourite type of lighting?

Asked by Nimis (13199points) October 24th, 2008

I like late afternoon light that you only get on the west coast or at high altitudes. Or perhaps the desert.
When the sunlight is coming at you from the side and shadows seem impossibly long.

The glow from their monitor.

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multicolored Christmas lights on the tree… with different sections blinking at different intervals (most of you may say that’s tacky, but it’s a childhood thing)

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candle light.

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The glow of an orange sunrise or sunset. Beautiful!!

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Squir: I’ve always wanted to make LED throwies!

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wow! i didn’t know about those!

gonna make some this weekend :D….well, once some new leds arrive >.>

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I used 20k 250w Metal Halide lamps for my fish tank. No longer :(

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Natural light. And I avoid overhead fluorescents whenever possible.

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15 million Candlepower X-Files flashlights.

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Holy crap. That’d be bright.

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Either this light, or possibly this one.

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Lightening. I have never seen a bluer blue in my life.
I’m on of those insane guys you see in THE MIDDLE of the lightening storm taking photos of it striking trees a few hundred feet away.

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It’s like a flashlight-off.

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In Santorini, Greece I have seen some amazing sunsets…

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Soft lighting. Like the kind in certain small, relaxing bars. Fireplace light. Or when the moon is really full… That soft bluish-white light that illuminates everything. Beautiful.

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I try to surround myself with people who are not dim bulbs..

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Bright moonlight and the raw white blinding light of the early-mid morning, around 8–930

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i like the late afternoon, long shadows, dusk is coming.

for artificial light, i like stained glass lamps and candlelight.

and christmas tree lights put me in a good mood. a warm, happy, holiday mood.

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romantic candlelight, though not good for reading.

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campfires run a close second.

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Sunlight filtered through a forest canopy.

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Hoosier banana, that is certainly beautiful.

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Forty fireflies in a jar

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Moonlight and natural sunlight. Tho the latter not blaring at my eyes.

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Black lights are pretty cool. Mood lighting has a Zen like effect on me. Track lighting tends to be a bit linear, in my opinion. Starlight is appealing as long as it is dark enough to enjoy it.

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Late summer sun , just before sunset, falling across the wheatfields. Reminds me of home.

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