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Anybody out there using some form of alternative energy?

Asked by SoapChef (2978points) October 25th, 2008

If so, what kind and how is it working for you?

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I find myself pushing my car a lot. Does that count? Doesn’t work so hot for me ‘cause it’s hard to steer

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The back (eastern) side of our roof is covered in solar panels. It provides more than enough energy to power the washing-machine and most other appliances. Also, we do not use our tumble-dryer during the spring and summer. All of our clothes are dried outdoors on a line.

The solar panels have already paid for themselves (6 years), and now we save a little money every month. Just doing out part to make the world a little greener!

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Thanks for the GA Eambos. That is the kind of info I am looking for. Do you have any plans for enhancing what you already have going?

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Once we save up some more, we want to put up more solar panels. Also, we want to add a few more windows to let the natural light flow through the house.

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