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Whats a good site for unique posters ?

Asked by mirza (5042points) October 26th, 2008

So I am looking for posters for my dorm room. I like colorful posters and usually modern stuff. Is there a site that sells like good cheap original posters for a cheap price (by cheap i mean under $20) . Sort of like a teefury for posters ?

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I have a Rocky Balboa poster from 1979 that you can have for FREE if you want it.

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I would look at Look at the classifieds. They carry a lot of screen printed posters, and the classifieds have a lot of cool stuff at a reasonable price. Unless you’re looking for stuff with cats or motivational posters…

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There’s always – they have a wide range from cheap to costly, though.

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Fluther. An excellent site where unique posters post on a dailly basis.

Sorry. I know it’s an awful pun.

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allposters is what i use.

for art, go to


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