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I'm going on a solo vacation soon, ideas?

Asked by asmonet (21345points) October 26th, 2008

I’m getting about ten days off from work, ideally I want a solitary camera and a notebook adventure. I have a car and would be willing to drive about 100 miles any direction from the DC Metro area.

I’d like to see some beauty either natural or man-made. I know this is a bit vague but I’m hoping someone knows some quirky or hidden things to do. And don’t say Skyline Drive, that’s already on my list. :)

Cost is important my budget at maximum outside of gas is twenty bucks a day.

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You probably already know this, but hostels may be your best bet for saving money. Plus, if you are traveling alone, they are often good places to meet new people and have some friendly conversations. I travelled alone recently and I made friends at the hostel. During the day, I went out on my own, but then I made evening plans with people from the hostel.

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Ever been to Assateague? It’s kinda late in the season, but you’ll have the beaches all to yourself.

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“Brandywine Valley”: in Delaware; The Wyeth Museum (charmingly housed in an old grist mill and guaranteed not to give you museumitis). Winterthur – the Dupont Mansion – is nearby and the countryside should still be pretty, if the weather holds, as is Longwood Gardens.

Lots of rivers, vistas and sites where artists painted.

We used to go on day trips from Phila. It was a beautiful area.

It looks like a straight shoot up I-95.

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@jill: Didn’t consider any overnight trips. I was planning on a different day trip each day. But I’m reconsidering it now. Thanks for the suggestion. :D

@hoosier: Thats perfect! I love the weather this time of year so that wouldn’t bother me. I haven’t seen a beach in years which is depressing since I grew up on one. And horses = lurve. Are you some sort of genius?

@gail: Lady, you never cease to amaze me. I couldn’t catch museumitis if I tried. Those are wonderful suggestions. I’m gonna take my own easel and see what happens. Thanks!

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I’ve heard Assateague is beautiful and perfect for pictures.
I’m gonna second that one.

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I go there every chance I get, I’m so jealous of your time off. There are supposed to be lot’s of waterfowl migrating through right now.

I grew up in the Chadds Ford and now live in Wilmington, you just missed the Great Pumpkin Carve which is the coolest thing our little town does. But the River Museum is nice and there are some great parks to go hiking and see deer, Brandywine Creek State Park is nice, park at Thompson’s Bridge and you can walk up or down the river a few miles.

Punkin Chunkin is Oct. 31st in Bridgeville, I have never been, I imagine it is more exciting and colorful than nascar.

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I would head for Burkes Garden VA, the New River Valley, Tug Valley, Cumberland Gap, Red River Gorge.

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In case you stay interested in the overnight stay idea… an alternative to staying at a hostel is Couchsurfing!

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don’t go to a hostel w/o seeing the movie first. lol

The best vacations are the ones with no destinations. Just drive and see where the road takes you.

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@deaddolly: That’s jacked up. I used to work in a movie theater, I screened that shit all alone in a 400 person theater at 3am. Not cool.

And I agree, I’m looking for end spots, but will probably stop along the way and wander. :)

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3am screening? We never screened anything much after midnight.
I bet you didn’t even go out to your car until the sun came up, lol.

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@asmonet See the last one? Makes you wonder!

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@fireside: We had a chill manager, and by chill I mean lazy as hell.

@deadolly: I can’t say that I have, I might watch it online now that you bring it to my attention, I go for more comedies and musicals and quirky movies, myself.

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@asmonet The last was brilliant. it got into the ppl doing the torturing…and how they got to that point. Made it more beleivable, becaue i could see it happening. Let me know what u think after u see it.

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@deaddolly: Will do, girly. :)

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Frederick, Md. The city and county are a great place. Catoctin Mountains, the Appalachian Trail, very cool downtown with tons of indie galleries, shops, restaurants and antiques in some great old buildings. The Grotto of Lourdes at St. Mary’s is an absolutely beautiful place to go alone. Lots of history, too if that’s your thing.

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