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Is there something considerable not to like about this ocean liner?

Asked by Fred931 (9429points) April 9th, 2010

Monday afternoon, I will be departing from Jacksonville, FL, on the Carnival Fascination. I’ve been looking at their website and at other sites, and something doesn’t leave me feeling impressed. For one, I’ve been given an impression that there isn’t really much to do onboard, considering about 10 highlights were posted at the Carnival site, half of which described things that weren’t “activities.” Second, it looks a bit… cramped. Third, the only other cruise I’ve been on was on a newer, better-dressed, and generally jam-packed Disney liner.

Is there anything really bad about this ship in particular that I might need to know about?

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Looks frickin’ wonderful to me!

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Fred, hate to tell you, but I just got back a couple of weeks ago from a cruise on the Carnival Pride. Had a balcony room, so that was not the issue. I found there was very little I wanted to do on ship. Fortunately I brought along my own entertainment and we enjoyed sitting in the lounges, talking, etc. The etc was the most fun.

The food, however, was remarkable. By that I mean it gave new meaning to the word “bland”. The service in the dining room was fantastic, but the food was miserable. By the end of the week, I could hardly bear to eat it.

Have fun, brother.

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@plethora Our parents arranged for the kids’ room to be an interior room instead of an adjacent balcony room to save money. Whatever, we won’t be on the balcony whilst sleeping.

I’d rather have not much to do than too much, cause then I would spend a lot of time mentally organizing what I wanted to do and in what order and what time. This is incredibly time-consuming for me and I don’t know why I waste time doing it. However, also remember that you are not 2 years old and I will have access to teen camp/club/whateverthefucktheycallthosethings and that should be of some help. Key West and Nassau are on the agenda, the latter of which also includes a trip to a water park consisting of more than a waterslide into a yellow brick bucket of water.

Concerning food, I’m definitely bringing some RedHot buffalo sauce.

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You get what you expect out of the experience. There will be others your age looking for things to do, too. That will be the best part.
Let us know how it works out for you.

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@Fred931 The camp will be a lifesaver. They really entertain the kids. I never even saw any kids and there were a load of em on the ship.

Nassau was the only really good port we hit. Sailed out of Baltimore. Not a good choice. Way too much time at sea. Should have flown to Miami. But Nassau is great. Go to Cabbage beach. A $4 cab ride (per person). Absolutely great beach.

Definitely….bring RedHot Buffalo sauce.

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Just being on a ship at sea would be so incredible. If you can get bored with that after a week or two… please send me your tickets post haste.

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The guy on the diving board appears to be dead!! No one seems to be in the slightest bit perturbed by this tragic maritime fatality.I don’t know you seagoers, tsk tsk.

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When I used to book travel at my old job, I asked our agent one day what was it about Carnival? She said that it’s the cruise line for singles. Or at least it was. I guess that’s changed. I imagine that between Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean, there’s not much difference.

The next time I go on a cruise? I’m taking a tall ship. I hate those big boats and fake Broadway shows and gambling. The sailing bit’s the bit I like.

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When we had our family reunion cruise, we investigated all the lines for the one that had the best kid friendly atmosphere. They were Disney or Princess lines. Disney didn’t offer an Alaskan cruise at the time, so we went with Princess. Didn’t see the kids at all and everyone had a great time.

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