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Could you help me come up with ideas for a "typical holiday snaps" project? (see details).

Asked by harple (10446points) February 3rd, 2012

Inspired by the February Photo a Day challenge, I thought I would – just for the fun of it – like to create a challenge for my holiday coming up in a week’s time.

I’m thinking along the lines of, what should a holiday photo album ALWAYS contain? Eg: the sunset pic; the amazingly-presented-meal-out pic… et cetera et cetera.

(If it’s relevant, it’s a skiing holiday in France, so that may be a point of expansion beyond the generic holiday photos.)

I’d love to hear your ideas!

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Take pictures of strangers. Assign them roles in your family and write captions that detail the circumstances around the taking of the picture.

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^My husband does this @6rant6 and it’s hilarious. He’ll take a pic of someone and say my great-uncle & I out on the town

I like to do drawing challenges like this @harple. It helps you alter your percpective and pulls you out of your norm.

If it were me, I’d take pics of the garbage cans at every well known monument. In France, I’d take pics of the bathrooms…anything almost no one ever thinks to photograph.

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The you and your traveling companion grinning together taken by a stranger photo. We have one of us on the Golden Gate Bridge taken by a Bikers for Jesus dude.

Buildings at odd angles.

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@SpatzieLover Love it. “Secret France: Where the French Go!”

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You could always go with the Flat Stanley idea. If you’re looking only for traditional pics, then you have to have one with your arms around each other, smiling in front of every landmark. Also, since it’s a skiing trip, a shot of a fireside scene, complete with fuzzy socks and some wine.

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Great ideas! Thank you!

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Other “typical shots” that come to mind for me are:
the blue sky shot (to prove you had good weather)
the “unusual” road sign shot (because foreigners are so funny ~)
the accomodation shot (you know, to show your grandmother when you get back)

I shall definitely add to those your suggestions above, ie:
the grinning photo taken by a stranger shot (the more interesting the stranger the better)
the “me-in-front-of-every-landmark” shot (to prove I really was there)
the fireside scene, fuzzy socks and wine shot (because man, it was coooooold!)

And to my original pair:
the sunset shot (it’s soooooooo beautiful!)
the amazingly-presented-meal-out shot (because everyone deserves to be treated from time to time)

And I’m absolutely adding in the two off-piste suggestions above: (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!)
the stranger shot (“Oh, that’s my great-uncle… did I not mention he was there too?”)
the themed highlights shots (“And here is the bathroom in arrival lounge…. and here’s the bathroom at the place we stopped at for a pee-break on the way down… and here…...”)

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Take shots of yourself or hubby with strangers and label them with made up ‘Famous French People we ran into on holiday.’

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