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have you taken your iphone to europe?

Asked by boggle (2points) August 17th, 2007 from iPhone

wondering if there is a way to turn EDGE off so as not to incur expensive roaming charges and only use wifi

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I thought that AT&T; had no roaming charges on edge

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Somebody got a $3,000 bill, but AT&T; wrote it off.

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Gooch: no roaming charges in the US, but in Europe you're roamning baby, big time. Anyone knows how to turn off the phone part, so that I can only use wifi?

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@boogle - you can always pop out the sim card

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To switch of the phone part of the iPhone, go to the settings area and turn on Airplane Mode. As far as I know, that should stop all transmissions via phone and data. If I am wrong on that, someone please correct me :)

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