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How do I run a .jar (java) application on my mac?

Asked by arcoarena (692points) October 26th, 2008

I downloaded a game that is a .jar file and i can’t seem to launch it. When I double click the .jar file it says the jar java file cannot be launched. check console for details. Is there a free or cheap java applet launcher I can get?? or even just a script to type to terminal?

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I had this problem before, it has something to do with the way JavaSun scripted Java for mac. I would say do a Spotlight for “Java” and see what comes up, if you don’t get an App called Java Preferences or Java Launcher, then that means you ether don’t A) Have Java, or B) Have had it corrupted (as was my case.)
In both cases head over to and start there. If that doesn’t have the right Java Runtime, then try going to

If that doesn’t help, I would try launching it with Safari.
Let me know if that helps, if it doesn’t I have a few more ideas, but the wrists are starting to hurt and I think I need to call it a night with typing.

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thanks alot for your input man. It turned out I didn’t download all of the files that you needed to put in the game folder with all of the other components of the game so now it launches just fine when I double click it.

Thanks again for your help tho. I was getting so frustrated last night and really hoping someone on fluther would care! haha take it easy!

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