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What is female ejaculation?

Asked by MacHacker (75points) August 18th, 2007 from iPhone

so this might seem like a strange question, but please don't judge my curiousity.

My question is about the mythical female ejaculation. Not an orgazam, but the the act of inducing an orgazam powerful enough to cause a type of liquid "squirt" if you may. According to wikipedia, it is used what gland produces the liquid, but it is tuly unknown. But getting to my question, is it possible for all women to achieve this explosive gratification? And if so, what makes the difference between a normal orgazam and this one?

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Edit : "it is hypothesized what gland is used"

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I think it's odd that men are so obsessed with this subject, but I don't have a penis so who am I to judge?! I don't think there is a solid answer but speculation. I think what men want to hear is that we can *squirt* like they do. Understand the porn visuals are urban-myth.

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not that we want to hear that. It has occoured in my experience once with this woman i was seeing for over three years. And i was wondering what made that time so different. My performance was the same, but her reaction, well . . . Was not her norm. So i was wondering what controols it.

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That's how women's orgasms are. Randomly different and unexpectedly wild at times. Our hormones fluctuate daily and control every part of our bodies pretty much. Just when a man thinks he's got it licked her mood might switch or the body changes it's tide. It appears I've taken pity on you, dear. We are an interesting subject.

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Pity? Gee thanks. . . I guess. But i do appreciate your honesty. Thanks

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OK, I created a new account because I have something to contribute to this conversation, but I don't want to embarrass my partner.

I can't say whether it is possible for all women to achieve female ejaculation, just as it may not be possible for all women to achieve "normal" orgasm, but I think most women probably can. Women are complex and her ability to do either could have as much to do with how comfortable she feels with herself and with you as it does her anatomy and physiology.

There are tutorials on the 'net on the topic of how to make this more likely to happen for your female partner. The technique I've used with most success is to stimulate the clitoris while inserting a finger in her vagina and lightly stroking the area about an inch in on the "top" side.

She will likely say something like she feels like she is going to pee, but that's normal. What comes out, I can guarantee you, is not pee.

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LOl.. i can say i have lot of experience as anybody else.. never saw or feel the similar..
Could be that some squirting is coming out occassionaly but from which tube ?

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its actually a natural lubricant produced by the female, and in mammals (of the animal world) it is considered sort of a competitive advantage (i.e. evolutionary trait) during mating season because it allows that female to have intercourse faster and with more males. In this way, the female has a higher chance of producing offspring and passing on her genes. This is why females are more capable of multiple orgasms, and males usually require rest post-orgasm, females need to mate as many times and with as many mates as possible during mating season.

In humans there is still a lot of speculation as to why some females are more prone to “squirting” than others, because in humans there is a MUCH larger psychological component to it. The fact that humans have societal obligations of relationships, which themselves can be much more complex than the simpler animal mating, means that females aren’t necessarily trying to mate with multiple males, so have no practical reason to “orgasm”. Instead in humans, it becomes more of a pleasure issue – since it has been shown that endorphins are released during orgasm.

But it is true that the chemical composition of the ejaculate is clearly different from urine, and that women are indeed capable of ejaculation, as evidenced in Wikipedia.

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Fortunately I also believe that “squirting” is one of those physical activities that you can train for either with the help of your partner, or by yourself, much like masturbation for males can increase endurance.

The training for sex/orgasms is often as much mental as it is physical, so the female has to be comfortable with it, first of all. A lot of times girls think they will “pee” instead, since it is a similar feeling, just assure them it is not pee, and it is cum, just coming out of the same place, just like it does for guys. Once they are completely relaxed, you can arouse them, whichever way allows them to get easily aroused. Once they are noticeably aroused, you can insert your middle two fingers into the vagina, with the palmar surface facing the front of the vagina. Then, you can start moving your fingers up and down fairly hard (not in and out of the vagina, but up and down) – remember this is where women give birth from so you can be fairly forceful, it won’t hurt. In a few seconds they will squirt.

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I am a squirter. I dont squirt every time I orgasim. I used to thing my orgaziam was so good that pee came out. My boyfriend is very turned on by this and loves drinking my cum. I just hope it not pee. But from reading and consulting a doctor it is possible to squirt.

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It comes from the stimulated gland in the front or top wall of the vagina, not from the urethra at all. It happens more frequently now than it used to for me (after childbirth). We always put towels on the bed or floor. I say more frequently but I really mean every time.
It’s not bigger or better than a clitoral orgasm. Just different. It’s a separate kind of sensation. It’s much closer to the French “Le petit morte,” or the tiny death, as they so lovingly nicknamed the orgasm. And my fiancĂ© knows I’m definitely not faking.


Women ejaculate? They do that??

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