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Why does the DMV need to know my medications, dosage, and frequency?

Asked by crisedwards (329points) October 27th, 2008

I just moved to Virginia and went to get my driver’s license. They wanted to know all medications I was on, the dosage, and frequency. Huh?! And none of that info appears on my license itself! Is this some nutty Big Brother thing I have fallen into? Am I on a list someplace?

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I never heard of such a thing! That’s odd.

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Mainly, they want to know if you are taking anything that could impair your driving, or if the meds you take indicate an underlying condition. For example, as doctors we are required to notify the DMV about people who drive with a known seizure disorder as they could kill someone…

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I can see the reasoning, but that sounds like a huge hipaa no-no.

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A former NY State trooper (who used to cut my lawn) had his buddies pull some strings for the trooper’s 18yr-old son who was supposed to be taking epilepsy meds. The boy was issued a NYS driver’s licence. On Christmas Eve, 1994, the kid had a seizure while driving, skidded off a small bridge near here and killed himself.

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Thats so sad. The trooper could have been thrown in jail for a very long time, if the kid had killed anyone..

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People cry “Big Brother” all the time, but if someone has a (preventable) seizure while driving, and hurts, maims, or kills someone else, then whose fault is it then? That is why seizures are reportable to the state.

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I agree a Dr has an obligation to report things like that, but I don’t think the state has the authority to demand a list of all meds, in case you might be taking something.

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@jholler. Why not? Taking a medicine is not a right, it is a privilege of modern society. Plus, most people are not educated enough to understand the (potential) side effects of their medications.

What, precisely, is so onerous about revealing your medications? If someone I cared about were hurt due to the preventable actions of a stoned driver who was allowed to drive all in the name of libertarianism, I would be livid.

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isn’t referred to as the BMV…for bureau of motor vehicles?

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Department of motor vehicles…

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