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Is CS4 worth the update?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) October 28th, 2008

I have CS3 master. I’m not employed in any graphics related field, but I find most of the CS3 apps über handy to have when I do random projects.

Are the feature enhancements as a whole enough to justify an upgrade for a casual user? or should I wait awhile for CS5?

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No. Don’t upgrade. I have used Adobe Photoshop since 2.0 – and I can guarantee you that the update is not life-changing.

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I really can’t justify the cost of upgrading based on new features. It is faster when you switch between apps. Overall, I wouldn’t bother with upgrading.

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it depends, if you work with a lot of 3d, and plan on working with Adobe’s new 3d program, then yes, of course it is worth the upgrade.
If you plan on getting a macbook “diamond” when it comes out, then yes, because it has integrated multi-touch functionality for mac users, it has smoother brush dynamics, if you use a tablet like a WACOM. It is also much, much, MUCH, more efficient on memory and CPU usage, and the scratch disk can go all the way up to a Terabyte.
If you don’t understand any of that, or don’t care about any of that, then don’t both with an upgrade. I would only recommend it if you “find” a “copy” on the internet, for “really, really cheep, like free.” Or you win the lotto. Or CS5 comes out.

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If you’re playing the lottery, make sure you have a lucky ticket!

If you “win” remember to seed…err… pay taxes!

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If you have an Intel Mac with the supported graphics card, the new Rotate View tool is awesome, the new Spring-Loaded Keys are excellent, and the keyboard shortcuts to resize brushes are very handy. InDesign has some new features, mostly small tweaks that make a lot of the work I do in InDesign faster, and the new multiple artboards in Illustrator along with the new Appearance panel are excellent.

I upgraded to CS4 from CS3 after less thana year just for the features I mentioned, and I am totally happy with the purchase. Well worth it and I love the new features. Then again, I am an illustrator & designer, so I use these apps all day, every day.

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the way photoshop draws from your graphics card enables you to “flick” to different parts of the picture. this REALLY helped improve my work flow like I didn’t imagine it would. Also, all the color adjustments are now on their own pallet. Great time saver.

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Yeah upgrade, but don’t bother paying for it.

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