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When installing CS4 did you uninstall CS3?

Asked by Bri_L (12206points) October 28th, 2008

When you installed CS4 did you uninstall CS3 first? Right away? How did you go about doing that?

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It said in the install notes to remove CS3 first. I did using the uninstaller in /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers/ and all was well.

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No. I keep them both running, all the way back to CS1, just in case a customer sends me something that CS4 has a problem with or if they are having problems.

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@jtvoar16 – All on one computer? and no conflicts?

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I keep CS1 and 2 on a separate HDD, and Keep CS3 and 4 on the laptop and desktop, and keep every scratch disk for each system on a third HDD connected for that explicit reason. I have never had any problems…. on my mac. On windows, I actually watched it shoot its self in the face… 12 times. I counted. If I ever have to go back to windows, dear god, no, I would install everything but Vista, the 3,000 extra processes Vista installs and needs to run, and CS4.
But ya, I have not had any problems, unless it is with a file. For the longest time Photoshop CS3 wanted to open all my old PDF’s, until I figured out how to get mac to force things to open with an certain App.

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I’m about to install cs4 and have read that if you install cs4 along side cs3 and THEN uninstall cs3…cs4 no longer will work.

ouch that broke my brain. apparently adobe is coming out with a fix ‘sometime’ but in the interim i guess i will try the uninstall of cs3 first and let you all know!

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@sevenstringer – 1st, welcome. 2nd, good luck!

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I had some error messages when I installed cs4 over cs3
I guess the cs3 uninstaller ripped out some things that 4 was using.
PS still worked, just displayed an error message on startup
just uninstalled 4 and reinstalled it to fix.

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@sevenstringer – I just installed CS4 along with an existing CS3 installation, then uninstalled CS3 with the Adobe uninstall utility. All CS4 apps except Photoshop worked OK, PS required reinstallation.

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