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Should children be in piano lessons at age three?

Asked by Ryanmiller (50points) October 29th, 2008

My wife had my boys put in piano lessons because her parents put her and her brother in them when they were young. My boys obviously do not pay attention and therefor are learning absolutly nothing. I think its a bit early to have them doing something this complicated, so i suggested taking them out now and putting them back in when their older and can actually learn to play, but my wife doesnt seem to think so. What do you guys think?

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I was. As long as the material is age appropriate, it should be fine. My practice books were practically half coloring book. But educational.

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I dunno.. I’d probably wait a couple years. I know I wouldn’t have the attention span for it when I was young.. but everyone’s different. Since your wife had them too, she might be right, but then again it seems as if boys are a little more antsy when they’re young so it might not be the same.

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I would lean towards agreeing with what you want to do….stop and try again later. If they aren’t getting it now, and are forced into it, they may not love what they do. If you wait a couple of years, they may take more interest and stay with it longer.

This should be an enjoyable experience for the entire family and not something that is done simply because a parent did it at that age. Good luck with this. I hope they end up loving it and do well with it!!

I just wanted to add the fact that my SO took lessons at the age of 12 and he plays ragtime like you wouldn’t beleive now!!

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I have two toddlers. I wouldn’t put them in anything like that if they didn’t seem to show an interest….which it seems they don’t….

I think that learning music has lots of redeeming qualities (helps w/ math skills, picking up women in a piano bar down the road….but I digress).....but 3 seems a wee bit young, in my opinion.

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Try reading this

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@susanc your link is this question…?

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My guess would be that it depends on the instructor. If their teacher is someone who can tailor the lessen to the age and abilities of his/her pupils, make the lessons fun, entertaining and at the same time teach them a little something, then sure, why not?

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I don’t think you could keep a three year old occupied for too long – but I don’t see anything wrong with maybe 15 to 20 minute lessons. It certainly could be geared to the age and obviously, would need to be fun! I think if you can stimulate a child’s mind with music at an early age – do it! And if they don’t want to, you’ll find that out quickly too. But why not try?

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Kids that young benefit most from Kindermusik.

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they may not have the slightest interest in piano. let them be kids first, musicians later.

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My four-and-a-half year old seems to enjoy it. His weekly lesson is limited to 40 minutes, instead of a full hour, to accommodate his attention span.

After just a couple of lessons, he knows where middle C is, and the letter of each of the other keys to (by walking down). He practices some simple, single-handed, all-finger little songs. And he likes it.

We bought him a Casio keyboard and also let him play with it for fun, not just practice.

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I knew ppl who started lessons at age 3, now they’re amazing… BEYOND AMAZING… I wish my parents had put me in at that age, instead of when i was 7. I’d be so pro by now. =\
but then i guess that also depends on if they take any interest to it and continue it.

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