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What is the best way to treat hormonal acne, in a young girl age 15?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) October 29th, 2008

Acutane has been prescribed, after trying antibiotics and creams. And is there some natural treatments that we should try?

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I had some acne medicine prescribed a couple months ago and it made a bit of a difference, but not as much of one as I was hoping for.
Recently I heard taking prenatal vitamins make your hair grow faster, so I was like why not try it. Turns out it cleared up my skin a lot and now I can even leave the house without makeup :)
Different stuff works for different people, but I’d say give it a shot anyway.

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Prople swear by proactive
Ive just starded using Borba

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A long time ago, I used Cleocin T and it worked great for me.I only used it for maybe a year at most.

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Don’t do accutane unless it is really really bad. it will work, but my daughter still has dry, pretty flaky skin from it and she’s 28 now.

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Have her take vitamin C for about a month and see if it clears up. Just taking vitamin C and washing my face got me acne free without any harsh chemicals or anything that can cause harm to the skin.

The only thing is you won’t see improvements for about two weeks. If she gives it a try make sure she keeps taking the vitamin C for long enough to see if it works for her. I take 1–2 500mg pills a day.

If she is adventurous organic apple cider vinegar can do the trick as well. But taking shots of that twice a day is not too pleasant and will ruin your breath. I tried it and lasted about a week before I couldn’t take it anymore.

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If you’re a parent you might not like this idea much depending on your personal views, but I started taking birth control as prescribed by my doctor at 15 to help with acne. There are certain brands that help out more than others. Not really the “natural” alternative you’re looking for, but it sure helped.

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see a dermatologist and watch your diet.

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I actually use Cetaphil face cleanser and an astringent w/ cotton balls.

I’ve tried the hardcore stuff, like heavy active ingredients and such. They work, but really dry out your skin.

My current system leaves me with some acne, but also some clear days.

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My son has tried numerous prescriptions and they have recommended Accutane, but I have heard too many negative things about it.

I also was going to recommend oral birth control pills – they helped my skin clear up (I was over 30, but still had a lot of breakouts). You may not like the idea of her being on birth control, but think of it as hormonal balance instead.

On the other hand, Accutane has serious side effects like birth defects… she will have to sign a disclaimer before they’ll fill the prescription! Consider this… when a girl is born, she has ALL her ovaries, so there is no way I’d believe that there is no risk of potential long term problems. Consider how often a medication that is deemed safe is later recalled and found to be accountable for unforseeable problems?

Google Accutane and do a lot of research. Ask around, and ask your other physicians for their opinions, too.

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accutane has a lot of potential negative side effects. You will be required to take several blood and urine tests during your treatment (usually 6 months)....but it works. I haven’t had a single break out since. It’s been 2 Years.

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You should drink at least 1.5 liters water every day. I started drinking lots of tea during the day like 4/5 tea’s, as much as I could, the antioxidants made my skin cleaner and really soft. Plus I use Vichy-products, designed for younger skin to preven acne. Normaderm it’s called.. But start out with 2 products at a time max, I bought the whole collection and my skin braked out even more lol.

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