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How important is the flow of money in the Making of a President? If McCain had more would it have bettered his chances.

Asked by GAMBIT (3855points) October 30th, 2008

Obama can spend an easy 10 million on TV and cable while McCain is riding along on a bus trying to motivate another plumber and Suzy homemaker.

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Obama is also attracting crowds like 50,000 while McCain is bringing in 1,400. There is no telling that McCain would have made enough to compete through donations either.

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In the past it has usually been the Republicans with all the money because they usually have all the corporate donations. This grass roots effort by Obama, where all of us have a $5.00— $1000.00 stake in this election is really different. I think money helps, but it helps even more when it’s coming from thousands of inspired supporters than when it comes from a few corporations and PAC’s trying to buy influence. After all, those donors still only have one vote. More people have a financial investment (sense of ownership) in this campaign than any other in history. It’s exciting!

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Yes McCain would have had better chances.

More money=more advertising and advertising works…

Sitting through the 2 party presidential campaigning is like the Pepsi and Coke ad war that was all over the media a few years back. The one with the better ads/more money to put into advertising wins over the people.

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Let me put it this way: third party candidates have the least amount of financing at all. How many of them do you know about in any detail, especially if you’re the sort that doesn’t bother with research and listens to the TV all day?

Money helps candidates get their message and platforms out before the People. And just like you (may) want a Pepsi adter seeing a Pepsi commercial, you may be more likely to vote for a candidate the more you see his or her name. (Maybe not you, per se, but remember that half of the people out there have double-digit IQs.)

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Yes, it would have helped him tremendously.

The Obama campaign will likely not be able to spend all of the money they have….

Just yesterday, Obama had a half hour “ad” on 7 networks that went unresponded to by the opposition….due to money. He is outspending McCain in every possible way….ads on TV, mailings, etc.

I have always found it obscene the amount of money that is spent by all sides in getting the President elected. It is just nauseating.

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Good points everyone. Thank you

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I think it helps…I never heard of a ‘poor’ presidential candidate. I think ppl are just excited for a change…Obama’s planning a rally (if he wins or not) in Grant Park, Chicago next Tuesday. They’re expecting crowns close to a million ppl. College classes in the area are cancelled. Granted, it’s his home state, but I can’t ever remember as much EXCITMENT for any other election, whether it be ppl voting early or the fact they expect records numbers at the polls. It’s exciting…but I can’t wait till it’s all over!!

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I don’t think we’re looking at this the right way. Yes a certain amount of money is necessary in getting your name/image/proposals in front of the people. After that threshhold has been met, though, it becomes less and less relevant. I think McCain has clearly passed that hurdle. By now, both major candidates have stated their positions (or lack thereof) enough to reach everyone. I don’t think more money at this point would help McCain. I think the only reason Obama’s campaign did the 30 minute commercial was to give those people who are hearing the smears and lies a chance to see what he’s really about.

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I’m in limbo to see if I have tickets to the rally. I’m so excited.

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@augustian. It is not just the 30 minute TV spot. I am in a battleground state and am getting hammered w/ Obama mailings and TV spots. Nary a McCain ad to be seen.

As an example, we have 3 people running for my local representative seat. The independent guy….I bet the overwhelming majority of people don’t even know his name. No money.

There are people who will vote Democrat or Republican, regardless of who the candidate is and regardless of the current platform.

The shear volume of Obama-ness already creates a “feeling” that he is the “de facto” President, even before Election Day.

And, hey, more power to him. If the shoe was on the other foot (Republican), rest assured they would be doing the same thing….

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Wow, Empress! How many people will get tickets?

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Which battleground state?

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@Judi/Empress I wonder how they’ll do the ticket thing? The Loop area is insane anyway…much less next Tuesday! I can’t even imagine…it’ll be one big parking lot.

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I keep getting the most slanderous pamphlets in my mailbox from the Wisconsin Republican party.

All graphically composed to scare the shit out of the old and confused, the uninformed and undecided. Lie filled shit that was proved false months and months ago.

It sucks.

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@Bri So do I. The $$ they waste on that crap is unreal. I get at least 2 per DAY…straight to the recycle bin. Ridiculous.

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@DeadDolly/Judi: The tickets are via email. You had to apply for them. The event is registered as having 7,500 participants and 65,000 spectators, so I’m guessing that’s the main crowd. The rumor I’ve heard is 100,000. The spill-over might get up to 1million.

The tickets were offered via e-mail to people on the mailing list. My boyfriend got the email, I did not (which means they haven’t updated their lists from volunteer sign ins, because I’ve volunteered a number of times, leaving my e-mail each time). If we get tickets, I’ll be his +1. The ticket is to your name and your plus one. Non transferable. Free.

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Yes money matters. The higher the office the more money is required.
The way money is used also matters.
McCain having more money wouldn’t matter. He is using his reserves to slam his opponent. Obama is using his to present himself with little slamming of McCain.

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We got some bulk campaign mail from Sarah Palin today, wherein she urges us to see through the fear and divisive tactics being used by the Democrats. Seriously, wtf?

I think this proves, too, that it’s not JUST money – you have to use the money correctly.

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It seems as if the Obama strategy has been to ask people to weigh in ahead of time with all their small contributions. It’s like a pre-vote. If corporations were not allowed to contribute, only individual voters, it would make it clear very early who was going to win.
fingers crossed

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@laureth: They’re going for the alzheimer vote now.

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Laureth: I’m pretty sure the thought process goes something like this:
One campaign has definitely been using these tactics.
The news keeps talking about it.
But I like the republicans!
So it must be the democrats.
And Sarah Palin is backing me up!
McCain ‘08!

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LOL Empress & jvgr

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there were two faces in the race and the fresher looking one won.

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