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What rights does a person have to reproduce online video content?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) October 30th, 2008

I have been involved in the creation of the content in front of the camera. I want to utilize other website’s media players other than youtube’s.

It’s his creative work (not copyrighted), but I want to share on a sites outside of youtube and I am getting resistance from the creator. I’ve already leached the video from youtube using a Fire Fox extension.
Can I reproduce the content for use in another online player?
Am I required by law to get permission from the creator?

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It’s his, not yours but everybody’s… Law explains the copyright somewhat like this;
As long as the creator doesn’t releases his work under a written agreement that states what can be done with his work, it’s still protected from any form of reproducing.

There’s the catch, as soon as they put things on websites like YouTube, it becomes public. So you could use it. But to keep things fair you should reveal your sources when using it on your website.

While you want to use the video but like to use a different media player you can find the actual video by using a web tool. The videos on YouTube are Flash videos with the .flv extension. There are web tools to download the actual flv, but all you need is the exact location of the .flv video. You could use that url and link it with your media player. That way you keep the video on its original servers (YouTube).

So you are not required by law to have his permission, because he gave that when he agreed to YouTube’s agreement. I can only advice you to keep it pleasant. There are a lot of other users online that are happy to share or create work. When he decides to delete the video from YouTube, you are on your own and are not allowed to share his work. That’s why I advise you to use the direct .flv link.

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