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Does everyone here have an iPhone?

Asked by juicyful (110points) August 19th, 2007

I noticed a lot of questions here are about iPhones, many of you seem to have them - being from the UK i haven't even seen one yet!

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No, not everyone has an iPhone... but Fluther has a fairly successful iPhone app -- hence the number of iPhone related material.

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i don't!

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I have an iphone. Signed up for this site because I thought it was an iphone app solely. I was pleasantly surprised to find the addiction cross all my browser platforms.

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I have an iphone, and I love it. I also was pleased to find it worked on my laptop too. I love "Fluthering". Last week I was on vacation and actually used my iphone to fluther. It was great!

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I got a iphone and that how I learn about this app and was also happy to know i could use my laptop to answer questions

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Reality check: I don't even own a cell phone. I love my iPod and obediently attend to my two email accounts, two snail mail boxes, two voice mails, and stray messages left on scraps of paper tacked to my door. Enough!!

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I have one.

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Yep pwn pne!!!

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Sure do, thats how I found Fluther! Long live the Jelly Fish : )

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I don't have one, but only because it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive, and it isn't sold in Holland. :-)

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And it sucks in combination with Windows.

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Like all Apple products for Windows (iTunes, Safari...)

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No, I don’t have one and I’d much rather own a Helio Ocean.

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I own one, it’s great. I dropped my Helio Ocean as soon as iPhone came out and went right back to AT&T. Luckily I was still in my 30 day Helio trial and got my refunds :-D Much better service coverage than Helio (the Sprint network) The web browser on the Ocean is very restricted and does not look like the real internet like on an iPhone. I must say though, the 3G network that Helio runs on is MUCH faster than the sad excuse AT&T calls the EDGE network. But hey, I guess that’s why we iPhoners get to use WiFi :-D

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I stand by my iPhone purchase after almost two months. I love it and use it more than my laptop. I especially love it when I travel….which is often!

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