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How do I deal with really bad/unresponsive customer service?

Asked by occ (4080points) August 19th, 2007

I sent away a VHS tape to a company that converts them to DVDs, I mailed it in 3 months ago and have never heard back. I think they lost the tape. I have emailed them about 10 times, no response...there is no phone number to call them on their website but I managed to track one down and left a message, although there was no number for customer service (they do it all via email). I emailed them and said if I didn't hear from someone soon I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Still no response! Is there anything I can do or is my tape lost forever?

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Try your state's AG's office. Better Business Bureau is a good idea, but some of the sleezy fly-by-night companies do just that. Fly by night. There may be an accumulation of complaints in addition to yours, which might trigger some official action. Buyer always beware, unfortunately.

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Looks like a bad company. Rip off Reports lists seven complaints about video silo in the past month and a half.

This might be useful. Everything below is from a post on a forum found here:


For those having problems with, here is some info:

Scott Wolf
c/o ResiSoft, Inc.
P.O. Box 638
Highland Park, IL 60035 US

Report theft to the Highland Park (Ill.) Police Department:

The BBB for that part of the country:
BBB Chicago & N. Illinois
Phone: (312) 832-0500
Fax: (312) 832-9985
330 N. Wabash, Ste. 2006
Chicago IL 60611-7621

Maybe even contact the local Chamber of Commerce:

Report misuse of federal post office facilities (theft by means of post office box) to

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is there any oganization in ur country that can help u?if so find them if you think taht your tap is impirtant /
if that was me i would tell them taht i’ll solve through judicature if they still no reply for my message and tell me about taht problem.if that not work then solve through judicature if that tap is very important for me ,but if not just forget it and no more times !:

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