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Why do showers make me thirsty?

Asked by azul (386points) October 31st, 2008

It seems counterintuitive, but I’m always really thirsty after I take a shower. Is it because the heat and humidity dehydrate me? Does this happen to you?

P.S. Happy Halloween!

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yeah probably so.

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i get thirsty too, also i really need to drink a glass of something in the morning. After sleeping for X number of hours your body is ready for energy. Do you just get in the shower before eating? If so i bet drinking a glass of water before hand would help.

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Ah yes the wake up shower. When you wake up and shower your body gets impulses. These are the real signs that wake up your body, not your alarm clock. Your body starts to run it’s engine and soon finds it needs to hydrate itself, thus getting thirsty.

If you drink enough you would hardly notice it, but if you like really hot showers your body signals for hydration like on a hot summer day.

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Yes, and after I go swimming. I think the swimming thing is just because it’s kind of a work out. I’ve wondered the same thing myself.

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How random I must add.

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Yup, you’re not alone! But I don’t like the taste of the water that comes out of my shower head, so I’ll just rinse out my mouth until I can get out and drink something.

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Maybe I can install some cupholders in my shower….

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