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Is boxing a cruel sport? We don’t like dog fights. We ban cock fights but yet we allow boxing.

Asked by GAMBIT (3958points) October 31st, 2008

How many men and women these days are walking around with a soup full of brains just so some promoter can get rich?

“We think you have a shot at the title kid.”

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I think its cruel, for some reason people love seeing people fight. Remember back in the day on the playground. One kid screams fight and everyone goes running to that spot. We like violence, and even if we dont like it happening we wanna see whats going on. Interesting.

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An important distinction between the two is consent. Two fighters each consent to be in a boxing match. There’s no way for a dog or a cock to indicate consent in a similar way.

Boxing may still be a cruel sport, but not in the way that dog or cock fights are.

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I am not cruel…;-)

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Boxing evolved as an alternative to dueling. In that regard, it’s much more civilized.

And in Canada, I don’t think anyone gets hurt at all… although there may be some pushing and shoving.

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well the difference between people fighting and animals is people get paid and the most important….humans make a choice so you know the old saying if you don’t like it you can always change the channel.

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@boxing – no your cool

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Humans choose to step into the ring. Dogs and chickens do not.

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MrItty and Lapilofu have it: the animals cannot consent to the fights. Humans can. (Also aren’t animal fights often to the death, whereas boxing generally isn’t?)

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What does cock have to do with boxing?

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Thank you for your time everyone, good answers.

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Boxing may be consensual, but just barely. Most boxers come from underprivileged backgrounds and many boxers get into the sport as their only route out of their dismal circumstances. Then they typically get exploited by some scumbag promoter. Its difficult to rationalize boxing as anything other than sanctioned barbarism. Its hard to imagine why any civilized society tolerates such a “sport”.

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Seriously I am not really a boxing fan, and I do feel it is kind of cruel, but many things like Ultimate Fighting is even worse, so I guess we can put things in perspective.

And I am a sports junkie.

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reed, by that logic, minimum-wage jobs are “cruelty” as well. Underprivalledg they may be, but they’re still human being with free will. Making a career out of getting pummeled and pummeling others may not be an attractive choice, but it’s still a choice.

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Dog fights are fought with dogs that are treated like shit. Sometimes they even drug re dogs with novicane in certain areas so they don’t feel the sharp ass teeth that are ripping them up. Cruel.
Cock fights are fought with 2 cocks who have straight razors tied to their wings and feet. Cruel.
Boxing is fought with rules, protective gear and not fought for the death. Not cruel and unlike the animals the human has a choice. Not cruel.

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Reed, by the same logic do poor folks join the military because of underprivileged backgrounds, and no options for improving themselves? And Reed, FYI, America is not a civilized society by any measurement. Like the last day’s of teh Roman Empire sanctioned barbarism was a thriving industry—entertainment rules while Rome burns!

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in south africa and australia when black people were oppressed, boxing was one of the only ways that a black man could have a higher status that a white man. in boxing, its just 2 people with their fists, no legislation involved. according to boxing, the person who punches harder is superior. when a black man beat a white man in south africa in the 1950s, it was considered a big step in the progressiveness of the country.

also, Muhammad Ali led several campaigns by boxing. he won against many white men, and proved that black people deserved equality. he was also stinking rich and donated a lot of his money.

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First off, I have to say that dog and cock fighting is cruel, unusual, and barbaric and anyone caught engaging in this type of activity needs to go to prison straight away.

Moving on, I guess you could call boxing a cruel sport but the contestants aren’t forced to participate. They’ve chosen that sport as something they want to do and they do it voluntarily. It is a combative contest and with that will come the inevitable injury and maiming that goes with it. Simply put, it’s violence in a controlled environment.

Now, what I see is even more over the top than boxing is cage fighting that seems to be getting bigger every day. It seems to me that cage fighters are a lot more cruel and violent to each other and they inflict much more injury on each other than boxers do. I understand that they are using various forms of martial arts but seriously, that can be some vicious fighting in that cage.

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not the same. people can make decision whether or not to participate – animals are made to do it and I guess most of them would choose to be elsewhere.

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I agree with lapilofu

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What about hockey or football? There are not many hockey and football players walking around without chronic pain and injury.
It is sport, simple.

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Judochop, the injuries that hockey and football players suffer occur BY ACCIDENT while boxers’ injuries are the PURPOSE of the “sport”. While there is a rule in all sports which condemns intentional violence, it is the opposite in boxing: intentional violence IS the rule! Regardless of the fact that boxers CONSENT to it or not does not make it less physically painful to them and therefore less condemnable.
BOXING IS A BARBARIC SPORT and I am sure that the Law will condemn it eventually and people will then look back at it in horror, as we do now the gladiators games. From the bloggers’ comments I see here though, it will take a good while for people to become that civilized…..

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Boxing is a cruel fight. We must not enjoy people fighting. Wrestling is alright but we must stop boxing and all other fightings that physicaly hurt.

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