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Which microblogging service do you prefer?

Asked by anthelios77 (280points) October 31st, 2008

I’m pondering if I should use Twitter, Jaiku or some other microblogging service. I already have a Twitter account but Jaiku seems really interesting. Which microblogging service do you prefer?

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i use the old stand-by, twitter. facebook has status updates, but it’s so bloated and busy.

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I love Twitter. Mostly because of the great SMS feature. You can get other people tweete via Twitter and even update too.

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Twitter is my personal favorite, i’ve tried a few of the others, but none of them seem ether upto it, or just generally are very counter-intuitive.

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I would recommend Brightkite. It offers pretty much the same services as Twitter, but adds geolocation on top of that, so that you can use it to tell your friends where you are or precisely pinpoint a restaurant that you enjoyed eating at.
Plus if you already have a Twitter account, you can configure Brightkite to redirect your messages to Twitter.

You should also take a look at Friendfeed if you haven’t tried it yet. Some people use it for microblogging, but it has many, many more applications. And like Brightkite, it can also be configured to redirect your messages to Twitter.

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Thanks for answering guys!

@philo23 What other services have you tried? Was Jaiku one of them?

@Brome Thanks for the tips. I actually started playing around with Brightkite two days ago and I like it. I’ll take a look at friendfeed as well.

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@anthelios77 nope, Pownce, and some Twitter “clone” (and i say that in quotes simply because someones going to say its nothing like twitter) that becomes with P, Ploot or something crazy like that. You know what Web 2.0 service names are like nower days…

Still gotta keep coming back to twitter.

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I use a combination of Twitter and Loopt (on my iphone).

Vincentt's avatar It’s open source, and easy to integrate with other services (supports the Twitter API, I believe, and the openmicroblogging standard).

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