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Is the birdhouse twitter application worth using?

Asked by rguest (201points) October 27th, 2009

Is the birdhouse twitter application worth using? Or does it become an annoying extra step when tweeting?

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Can’t say I see any reason for it. Twitter thoughts aren’t exactly profound. If you need time to type them out, let them sit, mill them through your head, edit them, and then finally tweet them….. I don’t think you’re getting the point of twitter.

If it’s important enough to remember an hour from now, it’s important enough to be posted to some other medium, not Twitter.

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I think the real question is, Is Twitter worth using?

To which the answer is No.


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I suffer from Tweeter’s Remorse, always re-reading my tweets and coming up with better word choices after it’s too late, so Birdhouse allows me to edit a tweet until I feel good about it.

More often than not, though, I find that typing out a tweet in Birdhouse satisfies my impulse to get the thought written down, so I end up deleting drafts after a couple days and publishing less often. It was a worthwhile download for me, but that probably means I devote an unhealthy amount of energy to Twitter.

(Plus, @FriedWords, @theduty, @johnroderick, @hotdogsladies, and @lonelysandwich use Birdhouse, and five really funny dudes can’t be wrong.)

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I don’t have an iPhone, so I just save any half-formed tweets to a note on my BlackBerry. Otherwise, I save them as drafts on Brizzly. That said, I agree with @ECassandra that some of the funniest and most-followed people on Twitter use Birdhouse, so perhaps there is some merit at least to the idea of it. (If nothing else, it encourages people to proofread before posting, which is hella rad.)

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