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Does 'scoopable' cat litter hurt to flush in the toilet with a septic tank?

Asked by lollipop (737points) November 1st, 2008

I have used this type of litter in the past years ago but I was in the city so don’t know if I can. IF not, What is a good one to use that doesn’t have a ‘perfume’ smell to it? Also a good ‘odor control’. I used to use ‘Scoop-Away’ unscented and possibly Tidy Cat.

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I wouldn’t try it. Some of the scoopable kitty litters out there almost have a concrete quality when they get wet. Why can’t you just put the scooped stuff in a bag and toss in the outdoor trash? That’s what I do.

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Chuck’s right. Don’t do it. It can cause major plumbing problems. My plumber got rich from me learning this lesson.

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I’m with the above posters. Nothing should go into your septic system that isn’t human waste and toilet paper. (Kitty litter shouldn’t go into any sewage system)

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edit: scratch that

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They have special kitty litter that you can flush.

I think.

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Thanks everyone for answering. Can someone suggest a ‘good kitty litter’ to use? We have to put the box in a tiny room at night and the smell really over powers for a long time even after the box is taken outside.

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There is flushable litter but only suitable for town sewer system. (And CA bans all litter brands from being flushed.) For those of us with septic systems, it is a huge NO NO. I distribute the waste over the 19 acres of woods and fields. Perhaps it will be a deterrent for the deer.

The World’s Best Cat Litter; pros and cons.

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Get biodegradable cat litter! The environment will love you.

I don’t have any experience with how biodegradable litters are smell-wise, because I can’t convince my parents to switch over from a clay litter; although I assume they aren’t perfumed. Do you think it would help the smell to use one of those enclosed litter boxes?

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the one gail mentioned is one I pointed out to her, not knowing she’d already used it. It’s fully biodegradable because it’s made of corn. I won’t use any other brand; I love it so much.

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@Poof: you see; six months and I am already pretending to be a cat maven. My daughter (his so-call owner, although possession is nine tenths of the law) discovered it.

I am mixing the World’s Best 50–50 with Arm and Hammer because it is a bit less dusty..

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Uhm…get rid of the cat….problem solved. The cat is probably a butthole anyway.

P.S. I hate cats.

Oh ya…and don;t flush anything into your septic. Except poop and pee and septic bacterial treatments. I would honestly not even put toilet paper down there…if you want ti to last longer.
Do like the Mexicans do in Mexico…throw it in the trash can. Take the trash out often. That’s for your teepee not for your cat box…not much you can do about that cat box…ewww stinky.

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[Fluther Moderator:] @watchman220: There was no need for the first part of that response (“The cat is probably a butthole anyway.”), please check out the guidelines before posting again. Happy Fluthering!

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Even though cat litter is labeled “flushable”, don’t.

In septic systems, it unnecessarily adds solids to the system (assuming it doesn’t also “concretize”), which ultimately have to be pumped out.

In municipal systems, it simply adds to the burden of sanitizing waste and puts your responsibility for appropriate disposal onto someone else. (Unless you like to see more/larger sewage treatment plants in your area)

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We ended up getting Tidy Cat clay litter that you do discard in the garbage. I wasn’t intending on flushing it but think the ‘sand’ type is way better than the ‘old clay’ granular style.

Thanks everyone who have answered thus far.

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I use worlds best cat litter. Its great at masking smells. I don’t flush it even though it says you can. Once in a while i put a cat feces down the toilet but not to often. I like my septic working properly and i try to keep it that way.

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