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How to add a template on vuze?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) November 2nd, 2008

im trying to add a template on the vuze program,a template,i dont really kno how to do it,can anyone help out?

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If you’ve got the template already, you can just double-click it in Windows (you don’t have to do anything special in Vuze).

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don’t try those things are useless and complicated. what u do is try different film searches in vuze u mightwant to search something useless, download it the point is when u download it it will allow u to be able to gain acces to subscription button. click on subcription button and Add all search templates
for example
1— Search template: Btjunkie
2— Search template: Kickass
When u click on add a small new window will say some description but igonre that click on yes

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