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How do you fall asleep if you're overtired?

Asked by Siren (3419points) November 3rd, 2008

I just stayed up all last night working on a homework assignment. Now I can’t even fall asleep. I think I’m overtired.

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a spliff usually

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Run a really hot bath, and soak yourself for twenty minutes or so. When you go to bed, you’ll be so warm and relaxed you’ll doze off instantly.

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I count up to ten and each time I say the number I visualize it and try not to think about anything but the number I am saying… When I get to ten I go back down and do the same thing. Usually that works for me after 15–20 minutes of counting. But if I am not asleep after an hour of trying I usually get up and do something. I get more aggravated lying there with no sleep which just wakes me up more and more… Just keep the lights down low if you do get up though, and nothing too loud. Maybe read a book. TV and computer are bad ideas because the light coming from them tricks your mind into thinking its day… so I’ve read. Good luck to ya. If you can’t sleep there will always be graveyard Flutherians.

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Take a couple of Melatonin

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I place a warm cloth over my eyes and listen to music through headphones.

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Have sex or masturbate

Works like a charm!

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calm yourself down- a take a cup of hot chocolate. Count the sheeps. Lie on ur bed. go to bed

Hypnotise yourself? Look at the clock pendulum ticking away…

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Talk a walk.

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Okay – I got about 3 hours sleep which was a “success”. Hopefully I can catch up on my zzzz’s tonight. If not, I’ll use one of your proven remedies. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I sure wish some of those would work for me…the only one I haven’t tried yet is melatonin. 6 AM and no sleep, here…I think it’s the election!

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