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Why cant you inhale cigar smoke?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) November 3rd, 2008

Because it makes you sick….i know. But why? I mean cigars and cigarettes are both tobacco products so why is it you can inhale the one but not the other?

Is it just because a cigar has much more tobacco than a cigarette?(ie if you were to chain smoke 5 cigarettes inhaling them all youd probably feel the same sickness as inhaling a cigar)

Or is the tobacco in a cigar processed in a different way than it is for cigarettes?

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Technically…you can. But that’s not the point of a cigar; more to be savored than consumed.

I’m sure there are those who disagree (my SO is one of them). But I like them so.

She doesn’t like scotch either.

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Not only can you, you should! Otherwise it’s like having a glass of wine and then spitting each sip out rather than swallowing. It’s the whole experience that matters.

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@jvgr im not a cigar smoker so i cant say, but why do people always say you cant or you’ll get sick than?

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You can inhale cigar smoke if you like, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The purpose of smoking a cigar is savor the flavor of the smoke on your palate and tongue. I smoke cigars on occasion and have inhaled the smoke by accident, and its not pleasant in my opinion. The smoke will give you a major buzz if inhaled, due to the concentration of tobacco in a cigar. The strength of the cigar correlates to the fermentation process and how much ligero leaves are packed in the cigar. The ligero leaves also contain the most nicotine and sugar compounds.

Good Luck!

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It is unfiltered and the tobacco in them much more heavy then tobacco from cigarettes. I believe it also has to do with the wrapper used for cigars, which is very crucial to the flavor of the cigar. I smoke between 1–3 cigars a month and would never inhale them, I think it ruins the experience. Also make sure to light them with wooden matches or a butane lighter.

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SO smokes them and he inhales them sometimes….yuck!! It looks like he is sucking on a dog turd.

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because it has no filter and the smoke is really strong. and besides, it tastes better if you dont’ swallow it. some cigars really taste good – chocolate, etc. you get the same satisfaction from eating dark chocolates but only better because cigars last longer.

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It doesn’t make you sick. I sometimes inhale cigars…

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@uberbatman: “but why do people always say you cant or you’ll get sick than”
Tolerance. Smoking is an acquired taste. When I first started smoking (12 yrs old), it was not a wholly pleasant experience, queasy, etc. Same with cigars and pipes.

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@jvgr that makes sense. I just couldnt figure out why one would make you sick while the other wouldnt. I recall having a cigar once and inhaling and nothing happening which really brought up this question.

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@uberbatman It really would depend on the quality of the cigar you had. If it was on out of a box that you bought at a gas station, then you could inhale all day long and be fine. On the other hand, if it was a quality hand made $$ cigar you would probably not feel as well inhaling the entire thing.

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Yeah people dont inhale cigar smoke, its just the flavor which counts with cigars. Just that I find it a bit strange, any cigarette smoker would have a normal tendency to inhale so will find smoking cigar a bit boring and more there is no high (or whatever the feeling be called) to be attained if you are not going to inhale.

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I smoked my first cigar last night and made ALL of the rookie mistakes. I drank with it, inhaled, and rushed it. Now i know not to do that. I feel so sick this morning.

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The disinformation in this thread is unbelievable. Listen, here are the facts:

You can inhale a cigar if you want but the reason you aren’t supposed to is because you smoke a cigar to enjoy the flavour within your mouth. Also put it this way, the typical cigarette has 10mg of tar in and a typical Cuban has over 300mg, so if you’re going to keep inhaling prepare to get addicted very fast. The other obvious reason not to inhale is because smoking and inhaling one cigar is a lot worse for you then a cigarette.

It’s better for the taste to smoke a cigar without inhaling, and that’s what your supposed to be smoking it for.

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I don’t see the issue with inhaling cigar smoke. As someone said, it’s like buying an expensive bottle of bourbon and then spitting it out, just to enjoy the flavour. The experience is the entire thing, imo.

But what do I know, I smoke my cigars in a bong ;)

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Well… you can. if you want to then i recommend you inhale every 5th drag. i wouldn’t inhale very much because the tobacco in cigars is much stronger and rougher than cigeretts. cigeretts contain 1.1 to 0.1 grams of nicotine. a cigar can contain up to 20x more nicotine than a cigerette. if too much nicotine enters your body, you could go into cardiac arrest, seizure, stroke, or die.

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