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Want to discuss the election? We created a special room for you!

Asked by jlm11f (12413points) November 4th, 2008

For today only, we made a public chat room dedicated to election talk. It will be open the whole day till at least midnight PST. This is done so people can join in and leave as they please while being able to vent, share the excitement, swap voting stories etc. Also, this way, we can avoid the main page from getting cluttered with anymore of “Did you vote?” “Go vote!” “Voting time” etc questions. Check out tonedef’s question to discuss your voting experience if you haven’t already. And the election chat room link is . Join in with your Fluther usernname! See you there =)

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And the chat room has a limited number of simultaneous users (I think it is twenty). Sooo, please use the “Leave” button in the upper right instead of just closing the window. And if you can’t get in keep trying.

And if you are inactive for a long time 30+ minutes you might get kicked from the room. Nothing personal, just making room for people.

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omg, you rock!

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Aren’t you the smart cookies!

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ooh we’ve started out deep conversations already! elchopanebre asked everyone in the room if they are proud to be american or just glad. and now we are discussing that in there.

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And for heaven’s sake, tell Fluther you voted. There’s lurve at stake man! Lurve!

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Why don’t you have we are pretty much genius as one of the tags?

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nimis – check now :)

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i gotta go back to work, but i’ll stop in later tonight

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I got kicked :(

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Great idea! I was ther but somehow got booted. I’ll be back though…

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We may have all been kicked? It was getting iffy.

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We were all kicked a minute ago.
There was a problem from a little jerk in Florida.

Waiting for PnL to explain further.

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i’ll explain in a second, but everyone check your comments.

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that room has been full for ever

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I was just there a minute ago, it was empty! With no one to talk to, I left : (

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right now the link takes you to a room with pnl, allison andrew and the real zack

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pnl & andrew were there, but not talking.

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I’m in Australia, so I think everyone’s sleeping while I’m in here!
I’ll have to try maybe in the middle of the day tomorrow (if the room is still open).

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