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When the first polls close at 7 P.M. ET.

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polls on the east coast close at 7pm- and then the rest of the country follows with whenever their 7pm is- usually takes an hour or so before some start coming in.

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California and Alaska end at 1am EST.

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Some polls in states are going to be open until 9 pm. has a map that shows closing eastern times.

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Any good websites recommended for watching results? I won’t be anywhere near a TV. Heck, I’ll be running sound for a show… maybe I shouldn’t be trying to watch results.

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Never mind. I just noticed this question.

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right now it says Obama has 3 electoral votes & McCain has 8…..

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They’re coming in right now in Phoenix of FOX news that I’m watching. 81 electoral votes for Obama and 39 for McCain right now.

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As of 9:00 EST, Obama has 102 electoral votes, and McCain has 54. Seeing as how Obama is nearly doubling him in electoral votes, I feel very confident. However, the mid-west has yet to come into play.

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174/49 favoring Obama, and Udall (D) just won. :)

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BBC shows 207/138 now. It’s 3:30am here.

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