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What does the word patriotism mean to you, on a personal level?

Asked by Siren (3404points) November 4th, 2008

Many people throw this word around like the penny, and some people have strong opinions regarding it. What’s yours?

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to me it means right winged southern people calling you unpatriotic and un-American, because you, for instance, don’t support invading other countries, it’s just a slang used by the less smart to look smart as far as i’m concerned

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Nothing. I don’t see how one group of strangers is different than any other group of strangers, and aside from the people I actually know, “Americans” are just strangers. I have never understood that type of group think.

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Patriotism to me is my devotion and love for my country and everything it stands for. I don’t always agree with all of our governments decisions and actions but I think America is still the very best country in the world.

Being a career military member has also strengthened my patriotism year after year and has continually reinforced my pride and respect for the United States.

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it means that you are proud of what America represents:
Freedom, diversity, Democracy & respect. Even if others views are different from yours.

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I am devoted to my country and it’s ideals.

If I don’t agree, I will express my views by the appropriate means and by voting.

I will protect it within the bounds of my 39 year old asthmatic migraine essential tremor laidden but will allow.

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To me patriotism is loving your country to where you want it to be better than it is all the time and thinking about everyone in it and not just yourself. Every country has things that are shitty about it because everyone is so different and the good thing about America is that we are one huge melting pot of the world, and a fairly new country yet we have accomplished so much.

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I’ll let Captain America do the talking for me this time.

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To me, patriotism is loving your country, but not blindly. It is loving your country enough to stand up and say what is wrong like the recent Administration’s violations of law, violations of the borders of other sovereign nations, and use of torture.

To me, patriotism is not about wearing or flying an American flag on your car just because everyone else does after 9/11. It is about remembering, honoring and standing up for the ideals on which our country was founded all the time.

To me patriotism is about being deeply concerned that young people are not dying in service of that country for unnecessary reasons. It is about making sure that after their service, they receive the bast care possible.

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^^What she said.^^

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Honor, duty, loving and serving your country, bravery, courage, and unity.

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Purephase: it means that you are proud of what America represents:
Freedom, diversity, Democracy & respect. Even if others views are different from yours.

somehow those things don’t really strike me as american at all

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that’s ok. They’re not things that are absent elsewhere, but what I feel makes me an American. The question was what it meant on a personal level, not what you think others should believe.

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Lurve to you purephrase. I say we continue to strive for those ideals. Those things are part of what I want it to mean to be an American patriot.

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@purephase: thanks for your opinion, and for similarly clarifying the question. I appreciate everyone else’s comments too. It’s interesting to see all the opinions posted here.

Yes, the actual question is what it means to you, not what you think it means to others. However, in the same token, perhaps it is okay to comment on what others view as patriotism to support your own opinion. There’s no wrong answer here, in my opinion :)

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