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Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) November 7th, 2008

A friend of mine recently notified me that my profile picture from facebook has been posted on a site I’ve never heard of; I tried to acess it, but came up with a notification that A) they did have a picture of me, and B) I should hand over some personal information in order to see it. Instead, I tried to do some research on it, and everywhere I looked people say don’t feed into it, because it’s a phishing site. What is a phishing site, and why is that bad?

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It’s trying to snag your identity. It almost got me just now but I managed to fight it off with a noodle strainer…

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I viewed the source. It is a few frames that are from h-tt-p:// (I intentionally broke the link.)

That site only says “Please note that MySpace users are not authorized to participate on this “prank a friend” website.”

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A phishing site is a site that intentionally duplicates another site for the express purpose of stealing user information like logins and passwords.

You don’t have to enter information on that site to go through the dialogs, they obviously had a crap designer, but regardless, ignore it.

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And to think it all started as a result of our thumbs evolution! When you consider it through the lense of the “Mandelbrot Set” everything begins to clear.

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Yea I know. STAY ON SUBJECT!!!!!!

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